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Resident Evil 3 – How to Dodge and Perfect Dodge

Get out of danger, and become the danger

by Kyle Hanson


Back when Resident Evil first began, you weren’t all that mobile. There’s a reason they called them “tank controls” as your character moved around, quite literally like a tank. Once the third entry arrived on PS1 though things began to change. And now we have totally new movement and control mechanics that have been fine tuned to near perfection as over-the-shoulder third person action. That new control scheme was already pretty mobile, but this time it’s even moreso with the addition of the original’s dodge. Here’s how to dodge and perfect dodge in Resident Evil 3.

How to Dodge

In the original game the dodge mechanic was pretty strict and wasn’t quite as useful as it is in the Resident Evil 3 remake. Requiring a simple press of the RB button on Xbox One, R1 on PS4, and Space on PC. Hitting this will cause Jill to lunge in whatever direction you’re pointing with the analog stick or WASD keys. It’s a useful maneuver, letting you navigate the zombie filled streets of Raccoon City with semi-ease. But there’s a way to use it just right that is even more effective. Let’s discuss the perfect dodge.

How to Perfect Dodge

If you time your dodge move just right you will perform a perfect dodge, which not only gets you out of danger but also lets you deal some quick and easy damage. The way it works is that by hitting dodge right when the enemy would grab you, you’ll duck out and if you hold the aim button you can fire some shots or hit them with your knife right after you get out of harm’s way.

The timing needs to be precise, hitting RB, R1, or Space right when the enemy would get you, which many players think means watching their hands. Actually you need to press the button a bit later, focusing more on their body than the hands. If you miss the perfect dodge timing over and over you are likyl hitting it too early, letting the zombie grab you right afterward. Change your timing, trying to watch the zombie’s body rather than the hands, and time it right. Once you get a couple in it should all click.

And that’s how to dodge and perfect dodge in Resident Evil 3.

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