Resident Evil 3 – How to Get into the Hospital Courtyard

Two important items are in there.

by Kyle Hanson

Resident Evil 3 is a much more open game than RE2 Remake, or most other games in the series. Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira have most of Raccoon City to explore, including the RPD building and an entire hospital. It’s this last one that shuts down all the mobility though, locking off many areas and teasing players with potential goodies nearby. For example, as you enter the gauntlet of zombies and hunters you will notice a large courtyard in the center that offers special items to collect. There’s no door to open or opening to walk through, but you can jump. Here’s how to get into the hospital courtyard in Resident Evil 3 Remake.

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How to Get into the Hospital Courtyard

Resident Evil 3 often uses light and color to direct the player. When you recognize this you’ll catch it everywhere, with spotlights guiding you toward certain doors, or flashing flourescents to grab your attention. However, the entrance to the courtyard is somewhat shrouded in darkness. This may confuse you, leading to wandering around the hospital looking for the way in. The answer lies on the second floor, so head up there when you’re ready to go.

All you need to do is walk toward the linen room, found down the hallway and to the right from where you enter the building from the rooftop access area. Along the way you should see a broken window with yellow tape around it. There is another around the corner, but this is the one you want to use. Walk up to it and hit the action button to leap out and to the ground. You’ll find a green herb here, but if you hop across the middle barrier you’ll also find a new key and an exit back to the main floor.

However, there is a third area in the courtyard you will certainly want to get into. To do it though you need to wait awhile. Once you finish the hospital as Carlos you’ll switch perspective back to Jill Valentine. As her you can crawl under a bunch of tables and other items outside of the nurse’s station entrance. Do this then make the leap again to find a true treasure.

And that’s how to get into the hospital courtyard in Resident Evil 3 Remake.