Resident Evil 3 – How to Put the Fire Out, Where to Find the Fire Hose

by Kyle Hanson

Nemesis may be the biggest challeng to completing the Resident Evil 3 remake, but the first roadblock you run into that truly makes you stumble is the alley fire in Raccoon City. As you explore the area around the train station, various things get in the way, but this fire seems to be the trickiest. It’s clearly the right way to go, so you need to put it out. But how do you do it? Here’s how to put out the fire in the alley, and where to find the fire hose in Resident Evil 3.

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How to Put Out the Fire in the Alley

You come across this issue right after leaving the train station where Jill, Carlos, and a team of soldiers have setup camp for now. But they need to activate the train if they want to get out of town. To do it you need to get through the alleyway, but the fire is clearly raging, and nearby zombies don’t give you a ton of time to think about how to put it out. The answer is right in front of you, somewhat, as a fire hydrant sits right there. But you can’t just use this thing, you need the right tool. That’s where the fire hose comes in. We explain below where to find it, but once you do just head back and use it on the fire hydrant to get past.

Where to Find the Fire Hose

You’ll find the fire hose in the Subway Office of Kite Brothers Railway, where the main switchboard and offices are. This is in the Downtown area of the map, all the way to the west. You should run into this are if you just continue along the open pathways available to you once you come across the alley fire. Once you see the entrance, lit with a bright red Kite Bros Railway sign, just head inside, dispatch the zombie near the entrance, head down the hallway and grab it. You should explore some more, including finding the shotgun locked behind a chained gate, but then just head back to the alley to put out the fire.

And that’s a rundown of how to put out the fire and where to find the fire hose in Resident Evil 3.