Resident Evil 3 – Where to Find the Battery Pack and How to Use it

Get out of the sewers and back above ground

by Kyle Hanson

The opening hour or two of the Resident Evil 3 remake take place in zombie infested Raccoon City. But just before Jill Valentine begins making her escape she finds herself in a very familiar place: the sewer. Yes, that tried and true video game trope returns for this latest entry in the long running survival horror franchise, and it’s one of the few places you might find yourself being totally stuck in the game. There’s a unique lock and key here that involves a battery pack which has multiple uses throughout the stage. But to use it, you have to get it first. Here’s where to find the battery pack in Resident Evil 3 Remake.

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Where to Find the Battery Pack

The battery pack is about a quarter of the way through the sewer level and is used to open up the rest of it for exploration. You’ll first see that it’s needed right away, with a locked door blocking your path. An electronic lock holds it shut and a note nearby explains that each employee was given a battery pack for use opening these doors. You’ll need to soldier on to find it.

After sliding down the ramp of sewage walk down a bit and turn right. You’ll have to fight off some of the monstrous creatures that now call the Raccoon City sewers home, which are known as Hunter Gamma. Defeat them and keep going (turn right under the water/sewer fall to get some extra ammo and herbs). At the end of this path is a lab full of goodies, including the battery pack. Now you just need to know a few things about how to use it.

How to Use the Battery Pack

The battery pack is an interesting way to handle a door lock. Basically it’s single use, in that it can only unlock one door at a time. You have to leave it in to step through the doorway. Thankfully, there’s a quick way to get it back, which you have to do if you want to keep moving. Use it to open the first door you encountered then in that area you can circle back around and unlock a side door to retrieve the battery pack and keep using it on doors. There’s not too many more, but knowing this will help get you through the sewers and back above ground.

Hopefully that helps explain where to find the battery pack in Resident Evil 3 Remake.