Resident Evil 3 – Where to Find the Locker Room Key

How to get into the locker room

by Kyle Hanson

As you explore the hospital in Resident Evil 3 you come across a large number of locked doors. The area is locked off in various ways, but the first is also the simplest. Carlos is trying to find a way to help Jill recover from her T-virus infection, and the key is inside of this building. But there are many more keys in this hospital, and the first you need to find is the locker room key. Once you have it, the other dominoes will fall and you’ll be out of this hellhole and into the next. To help, here’s where to find the locker room key in Resident Evil 3 Remake.

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Where to Find the Locker Room Key

If you’re like me, you usually take the first few minutes in a Resident Evil area just exploring. Checking every door, making a mental map, and figuring out how this puzzle as a whole works. With the hospital that might cause an issue, as the doors all around are locked in various ways and need their own key. As I said, the locker room key is the first in the chain, but it’s not inside the hospital…kind of.

Instead it’s in the courtyard. You may have seen it on your way inside and up the stairs, but there’s no open doorway to get to the courtyard. So even knowing where it is might not help. Getting into the courtyard is pretty easy though. Just head upstairs and over toward the linen room. If you were rushing by here you might miss it, but there’s two openings to the outside, marked with yellow tape. The first you see is actually the best to take, letting you into the courtyard where you’ll find a green herb. Hop over the middle divider and you’ll find the locker room key sitting on the ground.

That’s where to find the locker room key in Resident Evil 3 Remake.