Resident Evil 3 – Where to Get the Lock Pick and How to Open Locked Doors

Open up all those simple locks

by Kyle Hanson

Many video games feature a lock pick, or some other means of opening locked doors that you couldn’t normally open. Few feature it so prominently or have a character as intrinsically tied to the concept as much as Resident Evil and Jill Valentine. The “master of unlocking” as she was called in the very first game for PlayStation, has returned for the latest remake in the series. And once again she’ll use her skills to open up simple locks around Raccoon City. But she begins the game without her trusty tools. Here’s where to get the lockpick and how to open locked doors in Resident Evil 3.

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Where to Get the Lock Pick

Surprisingly Jill Valentine doesn’t receive her iconic lock pick kit until pretty far into the game. At least, relatively speaking, as the adventure should last about 6-7 hours. You should get it a little under an hour in. It’s found just outside of the Subway Power Substation, which has become infested with bug-like creatures that inject parasites into Jill as soon as she shows up. But before that even happens you need to grab the lock pick off the corpse sitting slumped over at the end of the alleyway.

This area is in the far northeast corner of the Downtown map and is actually found just after where you’ll get the bolt cutters. So the “master of unlocking” gains both major related abilities in quick succession. Once you have them, you can open many doors that were locked before. The lock pick is especially useful for various lockers and chests that have a “simple lock” on them. Now that you have the lock pick, here’s how to use it.

How to Open Locked Doors with Simple Locks

Simple locks feature a large yellow key lock and are inaccessible until you get the lock pick. There’s no key for these things, so no worries on finding individual items for every locker, door, or chest you see with one. Now that you know where to get them, you should be all set. Just head back to the nearest simple lock, check your map for their locations, and activate it. Your inventory will come up. Just choose the lock pick and “use” to open it.

And that’s where to get the lockpick and how to open locked doors in Resident Evil 3.