Resident Evil 4 Spinel Explained: How to Get It and Where to Spend It

Spinel can be exchanged for goods and services.

by Diego Perez
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Pesetas are the main currency in Resident Evil 4, but you can also earn a secondary currency called Spinel by completing optional requests or finding it in chests throughout the world. Spinel is a strange thing since you can’t see it in your inventory and the game doesn’t explain it at all when you first acquire some. Once you learn what it is and how to use it, however, it’ll become an incredibly important part of your Resident Evil 4 journey.

What is Spinel in Resident Evil 4?

Spinel is a type of currency in Resident Evil 4 that can be exchanged for rare items at the merchant. Spinel can be found in some chests when exploring, but it is primarily obtained by completing optional requests obtained from blue flyers posted throughout the world. For example, the first request to destroy five blue medallions in the farm area will net you 3 Spinel upon completion.

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Spinel is used to get unique upgrades like the laser sight for Leon’s pistol or the stock for the TMP submachine gun. You can also acquire some gemstones with it or rare items like yellow herbs.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

How to Spend Spinel in Resident Evil 4

To spend your Spinel (and check how much you have), visit the merchant at any of his stands throughout the world. Spinel is exchanged on the “Trade” menu. The merchant’s inventory for Spinel-related purchases is entirely separate from his standard inventory that uses Pesetas as its main currency, so you’ll need to save up Spinel if you want any of the items from the Trade menu. You can’t use Pesetas to get these items.

Because Spinel is so rare, you won’t be able to buy everything that the merchant has on offer on your first playthrough. You should prioritize attachments for weapons that you actually use. The pistol laser sight is incredibly useful, for example, but you might not need a yellow herb to slightly increase your maximum health. Everyone’s different though, so spend your Spaniel on what will really help you.

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