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Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Demo: All Endings And Secrets Found So Far

by Mike Guarino


The Resident Evil 7 Biohazard demo has provided a great glimpse into what Capcom is going for with the full game next year, though there are several different endings and secrets that you can get that give you a bit more to chew on until then. So far we have discovered a handful of endings and secrets in our time with the demo, though there are potentially even more that will come to light going forward. Scroll down for every ending and secret/points of interest that we’ve discovered so far and how to find them.

Obviously, there will be spoilers below, so consider yourself warned.

The Endings

Ending 1: Escape…

  • Acquire the bolt cutters by the locked door on the opposite side of the house from the room you start in
  • Use the bolt cutters to cut the chains on the armoire in the hallway leading to bolt cutters, then pick up the tape inside.
  • Pop the tape into the VCR on top of the TV in the room you start in, then complete that portion.
  • Once the tape is over, hit the switch under the fire place and move through the secret passage to find a key where the ladder was in the tape.
  • Use the key on the locked door near where the bolt cutters were to get the escape ending.

Ending 2: Conversation 1

  • Pick up the fuse that is on the table to the left after moving through the secret passage.
  • Use it on the fuse box that is in the room you start in.
  • Go up the stairs that are down the hall from the room you start in, then press the button at the top of them to reveal a second set of stairs.
  • Go into the room with the ringing phone and answer it to get the first conversation.

Ending 3: Conversation 2

  • Complete the first 4 steps in ending 1.
  • Complete all the steps of ending 2 to get the second conversation.

Ending 4: Conversation 3 (this one is tricky and requires speed and the right timing)

  • Proceed through the steps of Ending 2, but try to get up the stairs without triggering the mannequins.
  • Go into the room with the ringing phone and answer it to get the third conversation

The Secrets/Points of Interest

Finding the axe: During the VHS portion of the demo you will make your way into the kitchen, and in there you will find a lockpick that is hidden on the floor between the microwave and the wall. You use this lockpick to unlock the drawer on the opposite side of the room, which will contain an axe when you check it back in reality. As of this writing, the only thing that the axe is able to do is break the boxes on the second floor and one of the mannequins.

Playing the piano: There’s a piano in the room that you start in, though trying to belt out a tune will not go as planned.

The unsettling note: When you first start the demo you will notice that there is a note on the table that reads, “I SHALL DASH THEM AGAINST THE STONES.” However, after completing the VHS portion that same note will be sitting in front of the TV, though now it reads “I SHALL DASH YOU AGAINST THE STONES.”

Ghost girl: During the VHS portion of the demo you will occasionally spot a creepy ghost girl, and she can appear in several different locations. She regularly appears while entering the farmhouse and in the hallway leading towards the room with the TV. However, she will also randomly appear upstairs, downstairs and in the doll room.

Helicopter photo: When you go to answer the phone that leads to several of the demo’s endings you will notice a photo sitting next to it. Examining it reveals a helicopter with a caption on the back that reads “Are they watching us from that helicopter?”

The moving mannequins: On the second floor of the house you will notice that there are a group of mannequins near the wall on the left. Well, when you go to leave there will suddenly be a fourth one blocking your way, and the other 3 will also occasionally change direction, as well.

The dummy finger: There is a drawer that you can find in the main hallway by the staircase, and inside it you will find a dummy finger. This remains one of the biggest mysteries of the demo right now, as nobody knows what to do with it.

The Resident Evil 7 Biohazard demo is still being played through by many people who are trying to uncover more of its secrets, but right now this more or less covers everything that has been discovered so far. If you have anything that you would like to add be sure to leave it in a comment below, and check out our demo impressions article by clicking right here.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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