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Resident Evil Village: How to Beat Lady Dimitrescu

The first major boss fight


As expected, Lady Dimitrescu is one tough lady and at the end of the first part of the game, you will have to face her in battle. This battle though makes her look different because she’s not beautiful anymore.

Anyway at the start of the game, Lady Dimitrescu isn’t really a boss as she’s just an annoying character that follows you around in the castle. If you get caught by her, she will constantly attack you with her hand claws and you will die.

To avoid her in her human form, you can basically just sprint around her and she won’t really catch up to you. Don’t bother wasting any ammo on her as she’s invulnerable at this stage of the game.

If you are feeling really chicken, you can head to the save point in the castle and she won’t follow you in that room. Wait a while and she should be gone.

The only time you get to face her is in the end of part 1 of the game. She will chase you up a tower and she will reveal her true and final form.

How to beat Lady Dimitrescu

At this stage of the game, Lady Dimitrescu is no longer a pretty lady. She turns into an ugly four-legged monster and her human body turns white. What you need to do during this boss fight is to constantly shoot at her white body parts

During this fight, she will keep advancing at you and there’s not much room for you to really avoid her. All I did was walk backwards all of the time and I kept aiming and shooting with the shotgun. The shotgun is the best weapon of choice in my opinion as it does more damage to her than the pistol.

There is also another phase in this fight when she flies away like a chicken. What you want to do here is use the rifle’s scope to shoot at her from afar. She will eventually come back down once she’s had enough flying away.

If there are bats coming your way, just keep running in order to avoid them. Just keep shooting her with the shotgun and the fight should be over. It’s a surprisingly easy fight once you get the hang of her fight patterns!

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