Riders Republic: Full Achievement / Trophy List

Every achievement and trophy in Riders Republic.

by Elliott Gatica


Riders Republic is just a few hours away from digitally unlocking on all platforms. Of course with every game on consoles, there will be achievements and trophies to go with them. This time around, there aren’t any hidden trophies, nor are there any spoilers in these.

For people who want to get a head start on their extreme outdoor sporting career, here’s a list of all the achievements and trophies for the game. There are a total of 34, while PlayStation has an extra one for the Platinum.

All Trophies/Achievements in Riders Republic

  • Snow Blind – In solo, finish first in 8 big events in snow careers
  • Maximum Velo-city – In solo, finish first in 8 big events in bike careers
  • Got to fly – In solo, finish first in 4 big events in air career
  • X Boss – In solo, complete the snow tricks boss event
  • Downhill is the way – In solo, complete the snow race boss event
  • Trick of the trade – In solo, complete the bike tricks boss event
  • Terminal velocity – In solo, complete the bike race boss event
  • Pretty fly – In solo, complete the air career boss event
  • So crazy… – Complete a Shackdaddy Weekly Challenge
  • Flash Mobs – Complete 50 Mass Races
  • …Vidi… – Discover 15 Landmarks
  • New Hire – Add a new sponsor
  • GIVES YOU WIIINGS – Welcome to the Red Bull Family! Complete a contract for Red Bull
  • Employee of the month – Complete 100 sponsor contracts
  • Blockbuster – Capture 100 modules in Tricks Battle
  • Owning the block – Capture 30 districts in Tricks Battle
  • Street Styler – Score 5,000,000 points with the one-foot board
  • One for the record books – Land a tricks combo worth 75,000 points or more
  • Welcome to the Riders Ridge – Collect 11 stars to unlock the Riders Ridge
  • Keep your friends close… – Complete 10 Versus Mode Events
  • The loop is looped – Perfectly land 50 double backflips or more, with tricks landing set on Manual
  • All Access – Complete 100 different Events
  • A star rises – Earn 250 Stars
  • Collector – Earn 25 different gears
  • If you build it, they will come – Complete 50 UGC events
  • You only live once – Complete 100 Events without using the Backtrack
  • Smooth as a Badger’s bottom – Perfectly land a 1080 spin (or superior), with tricks landing set on Manual
  • Shackdaddy wannabe – Complete 50 Events with Funkies
  • … that it might work – Complete 10 Shackdaddy Weekly Challenges
  • … but your enemies closer – Complete 50 Free for All sessions
  • …Vici – In solo, finish first in the Invitational
  • Not at the bottom of the food chain – Reach Weekly level 2 in the Multiplayer Competition
  • Don’t try this at home – Complete 20 Stunts
  • Veni… – Find 200 landmarks, relics or collectibles

Riders Republic is out for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and PC. Check out additional coverage of the game by clicking here.

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