Riders Republic: How to Fix Off-Piste 1 Error Code – Unable to Connect to Server Fix

How to get rid of that pesky error code barring you entry to the game.

by Elliott Gatica


Riders Republic is an online MMO sports game where you can take on outdoor coasting sporting activities while turning the mayhem up to eleven. You’ll see people in real-time biking around, snowboarding , paragliding, and skiing. All of these people are connected online, creating a very populated experience. However, some people have not been able to get in on the action just yet because of a rather annoying connection issue.

How to fix the OFF-PISTE 1 connection error in Riders Republic

If you are part of the unlucky batch of players who bought the game and ran into a connection error message that reads the following:

Connection to the server has been lost. You have been returned to the title screen. Please check your network connections and try again.


Here are some ways to fix that error.

First, try the classic turning it on and off again method by closing and relaunching your application.


If that doesn’t work, try diagnosing your internet connection. A connection reset wouldn’t hurt to try either. Ubisoft also recommends that you play on a wired connection.

If those methods don’t work either, check your account and linked accounts on Ubisoft’s website. If you are on Xbox or PlayStation, make sure your respective account is linked to the publisher. It’ll also help if you unlink and relink your platform’s account to your Ubisoft account. A password change has been reported to help fix the error message.

Other methods that people have used that seemed to work on their ends include waiting at the title screen for about five minutes. This somehow allows the game to establish a connection.

One other option is to forward your ports specifically for this game. Ubisoft provides the ports needed to change your device’s NAT type to switch it to open or single. Of course, you’ll need to have administrator access to your modem/router’s settings to get in and enter these ports.


If all else fails, you may have to contact a Ubisoft agent so they can help you a bit more in-depth. Hopefully you won’t have to get to that point because these can either be a waste of time or things might just be more complicated.

Riders Republic is out now for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and PC. You can check out additional details about the game like guides and a review by clicking here.

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