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Rise Of The Tomb Raider: Blood Ties Guide: Where To Find The Crowbar

by Mike Guarino


As you wander around Croft Manor in the Blood Ties DLC, you will come across a few storage cabinets in the basement that require a crowbar to open. However, this crowbar cannot be found right away and requires some substantial progress within the actual DLC’s story, but if you follow this guide we’ll lead you straight to it.

The crowbar is hidden within the secret vault that is located in the basement of Croft Manor, although getting into it requires that you have already opened Lord Croft’s safe in his office. If you haven’t done that yet then you can click right here to learn how, but what you’re looking for is the piece of blank paper at the bottom of the pile of contents within the safe. While it appears to be blank, it actually contains both a drawing of the basement and the code to a keypad on the back.

In order to reveal these contents you need to hold it up to a heat source, which are the Manor’s fireplaces. There’s one fireplace in the library and another in the grand hall, and through the use of the lighter (found in the library) you can ignite them. Once you’ve done that, just stand in front of either fireplace and you should get a prompt to take out the piece of paper.

The picture that you can now see on the previously blank paper shows the basement, but one of the shelves are circled. What you need to do is go to that shelf and move it, which will reveal a keypad. The code to this keypad can be figured out by matching up the hieroglyphs that Lara used as a child to the ones featured on the back of the basement map, but if you’re impatient the code is 142.

Upon entering the code a secret passage will be revealed, which leads to a long hallway that will bring you to the secret vault. It is in here that you will find a toolbox on the table that contains the elusive crowbar! With this you’ll be able to both finish the DLC and find all of the documents if you’re a completionist.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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