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Rocket Arena – How to Get Artifacts and Equip Them

Add some personality to your hero.

by Daniel Chae


Artifacts are one of the things that differentiate your character build in Rocket Arena.  While you’re abilities won’t change and will be tied to the character that you choose to play with, the artifacts that you equip to your character give you different boosts and bonuses.  This guide will explain how to set-up your character artifacts and build unique hero builds in Rocket Arena.

There are three slots that you can outfit with these artifacts and the artifacts themselves have unique properties that give your character abilities or enhancements.

How to Get Artifacts

Artifacts are earned by simply playing the game.  As you complete rounds of Rocket Arena you will unlock artifacts gradually.  These artifacts can then be used on any character in the game.

Once you’ve got artifacts you can then head to the competitors section of the main menu.  This will show you a list of characters.  Select any character and then tab over to the artifacts section where you can equip artifacts for Social and Ranked Matches in three different slots.

Each character can have their own loadouts or builds made with Artifacts.

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