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Rocket League: How to Play Ghost Hunt Mode

Who you gonna call?

by Kyle Hanson


Rocket League’s Radical Summer event has begun and with it has come a brand new gamemode for players to enjoy. This one’s a bit different than what has come before though, leaving many players wondering about the mechanics behind it. To help, here’s a quick guide for how to play Ghost Hunt mode in Rocket League during the Radical Summer event.

The core mechanics for Ghost Hunt are pretty much the same as Soccar, the default mode you’ve all come to know and love. The map is the same, and the basic physics of hitting the ball are similar up to a certain point. While hitting the ball does send it flying, it seems like momentum drags down before the ball stops to hover in the air, if it isn’t hit or interacted with. Where things really change is in the goal and the new proton pack ability. Basically you want to use this whenever you have it available and are near the ball, as it acts as a hyper charged magnet that sticks the ball to, or close to your car.

Triggering this will pull the ball in close and hold it there for a few seconds, giving you time to drive it toward the Containment Zone, which sits just in front of the enemy’s usual goal. Working as a team, you can get the ball here either by hitting it or using the Proton Pack, then you need to protect it. The ball has to stay in this zone for at least two seconds to score a goal. Keep the other team from knocking it out and you’ll get the point. Similarly, the other team getting the ball to the Containment Zone gives you two seconds to clear it with a hit or Proton Pack grab.

And that’s how to play Ghost Hunt mode in Rocket League during the Radical Summer event. Score the most points to come away the winner. Be ready for more changes and a new game mode later in the Rocket League summer event.

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