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Rocket League Update 1.91 Patch Notes

Small patch ahead of the February update.

by Dean James


Rocket League has been one of the most popular video games out there for a number of years now, with developer Psyonix making a big decision last year to make the game free-to-play. This has made the game even more readily available to a larger audience across the various platforms it has released on. As a result, there likely are more problems cropping up with a larger player base, which means that they have had to go in and fix things in the time since. We’ve seen a number of different patches releases for Rocket League over the last year and now the latest has arrived as update 1.91 that is available now for you to download.

Rocket League Update 1.91 Patch Notes

There are some updates for games that have a lot of changes to them. Some of these are adding new content, while others are fixing bugs or glitches with the game that may be plaguing players. The latter are definitely some of the most common types of patches overall, which is what this latest Rocket League update was like.

While Psyonix has already announced that they have a bigger patch coming in a just a few days at the start of February, they had the 1.91 update to release first. They didn’t wait for that update to put out a little smaller patch though, with the patch notes being incredibly simple.

  • Various bug fixes.

This has been a trend for Rocket League updates, with most of them for a good while just being ones that are nothing more than “various bug fixes.” That does not mean they aren’t doing a lot with the game itself though, as the live service model means a lot of changes happen that aren’t exactly built around patches.

You should already have this update downloaded if you have auto-updates turned on or you can manually update by starting the game itself the next time you play.

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