Salt and Sacrifice Release Time on PC, PS4, and PS5

When can you start playing Salt and Sacrifice?

by Diego Perez


Salt and Sacrifice is nearly here, and the game will unlock soon on PC, PS4, and PS5 as soon as the global release time hits. Salt and Sacrifice is the highly-anticipated follow-up to the indie hit Souls-like Salt and Sanctuary, so players are understandably excited to jump into the game’s challenging world. It’s a PlayStation console exclusive, so Xbox and Switch players are sadly left out of the fun this time around. Here’s the exact time when you can start playing Salt and Sacrifice on PC and PlayStation when it releases on May 10.

What Time Does Salt and Sacrifice Release on PC?

Salt and Sacrifice is an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC, so you can’t purchase the game on Steam for the time being. Games on the Epic Games Store don’t release exactly at midnight, so you’ll have to wait until 8 AM PT/11 AM ET on May 10 to start playing on PC. Here’s when that is in different time zones:

  • 8 AM PT
  • 10 AM CT
  • 11 AM ET
  • 4 PM BST
  • 5 PM CEST

On PlayStation, things are a bit different, so keep reading on if you’re planning to play on console.

Salt and Sacrifice PS4 & PS5 Release Time

On PS4 and PS5, Salt and Sacrifice will be available at midnight in your region just like most other digital PSN releases. However, the PlayStation Store releases games at midnight ET, so you may be able to play a little bit before midnight if you’re in a different time zone. Salt and Sacrifice will be released at 9 PM PT/12 AM ET on May 10 on PS4 and PS5.

What is Salt and Sacrifice?

Salt and Sacrifice is the sequel to 2016’s Salt and Sanctuary. It’s a 2D side-scrolling Souls-like that can be played from start to finish in co-op. If you’re looking for a challenging game to sink your teeth into after finishing Elden Ring, you could do much worse than this.

Salt and Sacrifice will be released on May 10 for PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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