Salt and Sacrifice: The Best Starting Crimes to Choose

These are the best starting items in Salt and Sacrifice.

by Diego Perez


Salt and Sacrifice is a punishing 2D Souls-like, but players can get special starting items by choosing certain Crimes when creating a character. Starting items are nothing new in games like this — even Elden Ring offered players starting Keepsakes — so fans of the genre will already know what to expect here. None of the items are explained though, so you’re going in blind unless you already know what each of them does. Here’s what all of the starting Crimes in Salt and Sacrifice give you.

Salt and Sacrifice Crimes Explained

There are 12 total Crimes in Salt and Sacrifice. Each of them grants you a unique starting item to aid you on your journey. Here’s what you will receive for choosing each one.

Crime Starting Item Item Effect
Alchemy Phlogiston Decoction (x3) Ranged explosive that spreads fire upon impact
Arson Fire Bomb (x5) Ranged attack that explodes upon impact
Blasphemy Censer of Harmony Wearable ring that causes creatures to attack hostile invaders
Brigandry Cutthroat’s Dagger Wearable ring that increases maximum stamina
Drunkenness Cracked Wineskin (x5) Can be consumed to heal
Forgery Forged Deed Key item that can be sold to Shopkeeper Arnald at Pardoner’s Vale
Heresy Krine Tablet Can be redeemed for 5 Dawnlight Tokens that can be exchanged for armor and weapons from Sunlight Knight Beatrice
Lasciviousness Lock of Hair Can be used to upgrade weapons
Smuggling Signal Lantern Can be traded to Blueheart Runners faction NPC in Treachers’ Grotto for 5 Gray Starstones
Sumptuousness Signet Ring Bring to Watcher Oman in Pardoner’s Vale for a Gray Starstone
Usury Bag of Silver Used to obtain 1000 Silver
Vagrancy Wooden Doll Can be traded to Herbalist Shanna for a Gray Starstone

The Best Starting Crimes in Salt and Sacrifice

Of course, your desired item will vary depending on your playstyle, but a few starting Crimes are widely accepted to be better than the rest.

  • Blasphemy (Censer of Harmony)
  • Brigandry (Cutthroat’s Dagger)
  • Usury (Bag of Silver)
  • Heresy (Krine Tablet)

If you’re going to be playing PVP in Salt and Sacrifice (or if you just hate getting invaded), then choosing Blasphemy to get the Censer of Harmony is the best choice. With it equipped, all creatures will attack enemy players, giving you a huge advantage in PVP.

If you want some money to start out, then selecting Usury will net you 1000 Silver from the Bag of Silver. If you just want gear, then you could choose Heresy for the Krine Tablet, which gets you 5 Dawnlight Tokens that can be exchanged for heavy armor and weapons from Sunlight Knight Beatrice.

Finally, Brigandry is the best all-around Crime since you get the Cutthroat’s Dagger, which increases your maximum stamina. That’s a really safe bet for any Souls-like game, and Salt and Sacrifice is no different. Regardless of which Crime you choose, these items only provide small boons. The best gear is still out there to find, so start exploring if you want the best of the best items.

Salt and Sacrifice is available now on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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