Sea of Stars Multiplayer Release Date: “Single Player Plus” Co-Op Mode Details

Discover what we know about the upcoming Sea of Stars multiplayer mode!

by Marc Magrini
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Sea of Stars is a turn-based RPG featuring timed hits and multiple party members. Like other titles in the genre, it also provides an experience meant solely for solo play. Those wishing to explore the world with a friend will unfortunately be left without the chance to do so. This won’t be the case forever, though, as Sea of Stars plans to add multiplayer as part of a free “Single Player +” content update.

Everything Confirmed About the Sea of Stars Multiplayer Feature “Single Player +”

Single Player + was confirmed by the developers in a Kickstarter post back when the game was in development. They stated their intentions to add a multiplayer feature that would let two friends experience Sea of Stars with drop-in/drop-out cooperative play. It’s mentioned how the first player is still the only one to actually control the camera or trigger events, hence the feature’s name still implying solo play. But there will be some additions outside of simple field control for a second character.

On top of being able to climb and swim outside of battle, a second player is also able to participate in special puzzles meant solely for co-op. The Single Player + mode is planned to feature multiple puzzles and even an entire dungeon requiring two players to successfully complete. The extent of these puzzles has not yet been shared, but it might not be long before players can see for themselves.

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While there’s no release date planned for Single Player + just yet, the Sea of Stars developers stated their intentions to start working on it right after the game’s release. If this mode is still in the works, players can expect it to appear in the coming months. Be sure to grab a friend when the time comes so you can experience the new content together!

- This article was updated on August 29th, 2023

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