Secret Banner Location in Fortnite Season 7 Week 10 Prisoner Loading Screen Clue

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Another week of challenges has arrived in Fortnite and completing them will allow you to get the Secret Banner in Season 7 Week 10.   As is the case with these Secret Stars and Secret Banners, completing all of the week’s challenges will give you a new loading screen (above).

On this loading screen you will get a hint for where to look for the hidden banner or star.  This week’s loading screen shows the Prisoner in front of a campfire.  While this is not the exact location of this week’s Secret Banner, you’re going to want to look ahead of the Prisoner.  Just ahead of them at the large tree in the distance reveals the location of the Secret Banner.

Where to find Secret Banner Season 7 Week 10


You’re going to want to go to the desert area to find the Secret Banner in Season 7 Week 10.  The exact location is in the I6 quadrant on the map.  This is northern part of the desert area, just west of the race track you’ll find a big tree and a little structure that has cactus surrounding it.  This is the location that the Prisoner is looking at, and the location of the Week 10 Season 7 Secret Banner.

Just use the map above and head to this exact location to get the banner in Fortnite Season 7 Week 10 once you’ve completed the challenges.

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