Secret Banner Location in Fortnite Season 7 Week 8

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A new week of Fortnite challenges are upon and for Season 7 Week 8 Epic Games has players performing a brand new group of feats, searching for locations, and looking for a new secret banner.  This week’s secret banner in Fortnite is going to be hinted at by the new loading screen (above).

As usual, you’re going to need to complete all of the week’s challenges before you can get the secret banner, but the location is going to be found by looking for the hint found in the loading screen.  We’ve circled this hint in the image above as we can see the Secret Banner hint just below the leg of the Ice King.

That banner has coordinates on it and when you put together those coordinates you’re going to be able to zero in on the exact location of the secret banner.  This week the banner is going to be located south of Frosty Flights in between the coordinates A8, A9, B8, B9.

Secret Banner Week 8


You’re gonna want to head south of Frost Flights right on the point that connects A8, B8, A9, B9.  This will be the exact location of the secret banner once you’ve completed all of the Week 8 Season 7 challenges in Fortnite.

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