Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice: How to Cure Dragonrot and Increase Unseen Aid

Cure dragonrot and get some unseen aid.

by AOTF Staff

When you begin playing Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice you will find that the more that you die the more those around you will become afflicted with a disease known as Dragonrot.  NPCs that you encounter will be coughing and sickly when you meet them and it’s because of this disease that is directly tied to how much you die in the game.  While these characters will get sick as a result of you dying this disease also decreases the chance that you don’t lose progress when dying through a mechanic called Unseen Aid.  This guide will explain how to increase your chances of getting Unseen Aid and Curing Dragonrot in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

How to Cure Dragonrot in Sekiro

To cure dragon rot you will need to collect blood samples from people that are afflicted by Dragon Rot throughout the world.  The Sculptor will be the first person to be afflicted and you will soon be tasked with finding others that have the disease as you are asked by Emma the Physician to track down blood samples.  Lady Emma the doctor will be able to cure Dragonrot if you find a sample.  You can find the blood sample at the Crow’s Bed Memorial Mob vendor on top of the hill in Ashina Outskirts.  You can fast travel to this location from the Sculptor’s Idol by selecting Ashina Outskirts – Outskirts Wall – Gate Path.

Once you return this sample to Emma the Physician she will explain to you how to cure Dragonrot  and will give you the Dragon’s Blood Droplet.  Using the Dragon’s Blood Droplet at the Sculptor’s Idol will heal all of those who are afflicted with Dragonrot.  Emma will also give you the Recovery Charm that must be used with the Blood Droplet to cure the Dragonrot.  Using the Droplet and the Recovery Charm will cure those affected with Dragonrot, taking the Dragonrot items out of your inventory, and returning the chances of receiving Unseen Aid to the normal value (30% Chance).