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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice How to Get Past Giant Snake

Use stealth and quick grapples to avoid this massive enemy.


In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice there is one of the most massive baddies that we’ve ever seen in a From Software game.  This massive white snake guards a path early on in the game and you’ve got to use a combination of stealth and quick reactions to get past it.  This guide will explain how to get past the giant snake in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

How to get past the big snake in Sekiro

When you first encounter the snake it seemingly comes out of nowhere.   As you are making your way to the Ashina Castle Gate Fortress area you will need to proceed through the Underbridge Valley.  Here is where you’ll encounter the massive white snake.

The moment that you see the snake for the first time you should try to hide in the tall grass nearby.  If the snake sees you it will get a big hit for massive damage.  What you’re going to need to do from here is jump from ledge to ledge until you reach a narrow cave which will give you some breathing room from the snake.


Once you do you will find another clearing with three tools to use.  First you will use the tall grass to sneak to a ledge that you can shimmy across.  On the other side of this ledge is a small Palanquin box that you can hide in as seen in the image above.  Once you make it to the box you will hide there for a few moments.  As you are hiding the snake will begin looking at the box his eye will get closer and closer.  Wait for a few moments and then a red Deathblow icon will reveal itself.  Press the RB/R1 button to launch the Deathblow and it will send the snake reeling.

The snake will begin writhing around in shock that you just stabbed it in the eye and blood will be spurting everywhere.  From there exit the box and head to the cliffs behind you.  You will need to make three grapples from here in a row to get away from the snake.  Once you begin the grapples the snake will try to attack you again so you need to be quick.

Grapple to the first tree.  The second grapple will be a transitional grapple which you must immediately grapple to the third point to get to safety.  Once you’ve made the third grapple you can head to the right and through the small cave to a clearing with a Sculptor’s Idol checkpoint.

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