Best Gore Weapons in Shadow Warrior 3: Which Should You Use?

While they're all fun, some truly stand out among the rest.

by J.R. Waugh


As you’re ripping and tearing your way through the hordes of Yokai in Shadow Warrior 3, you’ll find yourself enjoying Lo Wang’s weapons as well as an array you can steal from enemies you come across.  You’ll also find that some are more helpful than others, while some are outright forgettable or less effective.  To survive the arenas in the game you’ll want to have the best possible weapons at your disposal, so we went ahead and explored the best available options for a variety of reasons.  Read on for our guide on the Best Gore Weapons in Shadow Warrior 3!

Best Gore Weapons in Shadow Warrior 3

The best Gore Weapons at your disposal for typical encounters are the Brain Freeze from Kugutsu, the Blade of Hattori, and the Double Trouble from Gassy Obariyon.  These are the most effective weapons from their respective Finisher points costs, with Brain Freeze being 1 point, Blade of Hattori being 2, and Double Trouble being 3.  These will be among the most effective tools at your disposal, with their corresponding enemies being rather common in encounters, except Obariyon who appears in the late game.

The Brain Freeze is an ice grenade that stops even the biggest foes in their tracks, making any affected opponent vulnerable to attacks and common throughout the game.  The Blade of Hattori is exceptionally deadly and easy to use, and you can go practically across entire arenas when you target foes with a strike from this sword, so it gives you additional mobility advantages.  Double Trouble lasts an incredibly long time and is a deadly pair of miniguns that can kill every enemy within seconds across the map, making it worth its otherwise huge 3 Finisher point price.


An honorable mention is the Hungry, Hungry Heart, Chef Oboru Guruma’s Gore Weapon, a grenade that traps enemies in a vortex, damaging them over time and leaving them vulnerable to attacks.  This one didn’t quite cut it due to the enemy being less common and the attack needing you to kite enemies into the vortex’s threat radius.  But it is incredibly fun when it works, and quite deadly.

This concludes our guide on the Best Gore Weapons in Shadow Warrior 3!  Read on for more guides to the game, and get yourself ready as you carve your path through countless Yokai to fight the Dragon!  Shadow Warrior 3 is out March 1st on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One!

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