Shinsekai Into the Depths – How to Upgrade Suit Pressure Resistance

Under pressure.

by Brandon Adams
Shinsekai Into the Depths - How to Upgrade Suit Pressure Resistance

Shinsekai Into the Depths is a bit of a Metroidvania, meaning you’ll need suit upgrades if you with to dive deeper into the fearsome depths below. None are more critical than your suit’s pressure resistance: the game will literally block off lower portions of the map with red “water” that will crush your suit until you upgrade your resistance. It’s not a difficult task to complete, but it will require some harvesting on your part.

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Upgrade your suit’s pressure resistance with the red stone material in Shinsekai Into the Depths

As you move deeper and deeper in Shinsekai Into the Depths you’ll learn how to mine and harvest materials from nodes in the walls. These nodes contain various upgrade materials (like the green crystals needed to upgrade other aspects of your suit), but none are as important as the red stone material. These chunks of rock are used exclusively to upgrade your suit’s pressure resistance, and are needed if you wish to progress.

Mining them is simple: pound the ground with down and Y to highlight objects on the minimap in a radius around you (so, remember to do this often), then use your flashlight with ZL to reveal the node when near it. Hug the wall where the node is glowing and hold down A to harvest it. Nodes with the red stone material will have a red suit icon on the minimap atop the usual mineral icon, so they are easier to hunt down than other mats.

As you collect the red stone material in Shinsekai Into the Depths scales will appear. Once the scales are level you can purchase the next upgrade. To do so enter the main menu with the Plus/Start button and select Upgrade. Your suit’s pressure resistance is the first tab, and all you need to do is click X to upgrade. You can also check this screen at any time to track what you next milestone is and how many red stones you currently have.

Eventually you’ll move on from red stone to yellow and so on, but the concept remains the same. So long as you are mining the highlighted nodes and pushing forward towards the marked objective you’ll find what you need.

- This article was updated on March 27th, 2020

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