Shinsekai Into the Depths – How to Upgrade Oxygen Capacity

Push further and live longer.

by Brandon Adams
Shinsekai Into the Depths - How to Upgrade Oxygen Capacity

In Capcom’s Shinsekai Into the Depths you need oxygen if you don’t want to suffocate in the briny depths, and upgrading your oxygen capacity will allow you to venture out further. Your oxygen tanks also double as your health, so being able to carry more tanks may just save your life.

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Oxygen Capacity can be increased once you unlock the ability to upgrade your dive suit

During the early first segments of Shinsekai Into the Depths you’ll unlock the ability to upgrade your diving suit outside of just pressure tolerance. There are four categories you can improve and the forth is your oxygen capacity.

You start the game with a max of five slots to store oxygen tanks in, but with the green crystal material you can expand it up to ten. Each upgrade will cost an increasing amount of this material, so you need to figure out if maxing out your oxygen is more crucial than increased climbing speed or reduced oxygen consumption when using thrust.

The green crystal material can be found all over the map tucked away in hidden corners. It is largely harvested, so you should locate nodes by pounding your tool on the ground via down and Y (which will reveal all items on the minimap in a radius around you), then use your flashlight with ZL to reveal the node. The material can also be looted from caches sprinkled about, so it benefits you to explore every nook and cranny.

Remember, if you break an oxygen tank the slot is not gone forever. Your capacity will never diminish, and finding a new tank will replace the lost one. Improving your oxygen capacity not only means you have more air for survival and thrust, but additional health to soak damage and keep yourself alive. Do not sleep on farming materials and exploring in Shinsekai Into the Depths – more oxygen means more life and it’ll make your experience much easier.

- This article was updated on March 27th, 2020

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