Skyrim Co-Op Mod Explained: How to Play Skyrim Together in 2022

Those dragons won't know what hit them.

by J.T. Isenhour


Nothing beats a playthrough of Skyrim. Being the Dragonborn is a great experience, doing whatever you want and knowing nothing can stop you. The only thing better than playing through Skyrim is playing through Skyrim with your friends. Why have just one Dragonborn when you can have a whole squad of Dragonborns? However, you will have to jump through a few hoops to make this happen. Sadly Skyrim has never added a Co-op mode to the base game, but at least they added fishing. With a few simple tricks, you can turn Skyrim into a multiplayer adventure for yourself and your friends.

How to Play Skyrim Co-op

In order to play Skyrim Co-op, you will need to install Skyrim Together. Currently installing Skyrim Together is done with the use of Harbor, but the creators of Skyrim Together are working on a new way to install the mod. However, there is no information on when this method will be made available o the public. To download Harbor, you will need to go to the GitHub page for it and download the installer. You can just download and run the installer without saving it as you only need to run it once.

After you have Harbor installed, you will need to open it and set it up to install Skrimy Together. You will need to point Harbor toward your installation of Skyrim and select which version of Skyrim you have installed. It will then go through and install all the content needed to run Skyrim Together and then run an integrity check. This will happen every time you open Harbor to play Skyrim Together.


Unless you decide to host your own private server to play Skyrim Together with your friends, you will have to use a publicly hosted server. While there are plenty of empty public servers for you to use, you may find that once you and your buddies join the server other people will join as well. While random players can’t really ruin your time in the game, it is understandable if you want to play privately with just your friends.

Once you are playing through Skyrim Together with your friends, you can do whatever you want. All of our guides for Skyrim will work for Skyrim Together as long as you are using the same version of Skyrim as the guide is written for. You can install mods and still play Skyrim Together, any Creation Club mods will work fine as long as you and your friends have the same mods installed. Using mods from other sources may not work as well but you can always try, just make sure everyone playing has the mod installed.



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