SMT V Leanan Sidhe or Asparas? The Spirit of Love Quest Guide

An early subquest has a tough decision to make.

by Diego Perez

Early in Shin Megami Tensei V, players will encounter a quest called The Spirit of Love. Eventually, they’ll have to choose between Leanan Sidhe or Asparas in order to complete the quest. Siding with Asparas will continue the initial Spirit of Love questline while choosing to side with Leanan Sidhe will begin an entirely new quest called The Water Nymph. Shin Megami Tensei V can be an incredibly punishing game, so players will want to make the right choice here. Here’s whether you should choose Leanan Sidhe or Asparas in SMT V.

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Should You Choose Leanan Sidhe or Asparas in Shin Megami Tensei V?

Ultimately, it is best to side with Leanan Sidhe and defeat Asparas. By doing so, Leanan Sidhe will join your party. Leanan Sidhe has access to incredibly useful skills like Media and multiple Dark abilities, which will be hard to come by early in the game unless you fuse the right demons. Asparas is also a slightly easier foe to defeat than Leanan Sidhe, so it’s the better choice all around.


To side with Leanan Sidhe, choose “Talk to her” when you first meet her. If you choose to fulfill Asparas’s request, then you will be forced to defeat her in a boss battle alongside her companion, Ippon-Datara. These two come in at level 17 and level 13 respectively, so make sure your Nahobino and demon party are up to the task before starting this fight.

If you choose to talk to Leanan-Sidhe instead of fighting her, you’ll begin the quest called “The Water Nymph” which will invalidate the initial quest from Asparas. You can only do one of these quests, so choose carefully. As stated above, it’s best to listen to Leanan Sidhe and eliminate Asparas in The Water Nymph quest because the rewards are better.

If you do decide to begin The Water Nymph for Leanan Sidhe, then you’ll have to defeat Asparas in order to complete the quest. Asparas will summon 3 Agathions during the battle, but you should still have an easier time with her than you would with Leanan Sidhe and Ippon-Datara. Agathion is weak to Bufu and Mudo, so make use of those if you have them. After defeating Asparas, return to Leanan Sidhe to turn in the quest.

After successfully completing The Water Nymph quest, Leanan Sidhe will join your party. She’s a strong demon to have on your side this early in the game, and that’s largely due to her abilities. She has abilities with the Dark element, which is quite rare this early in SMT V. She also has Media, which can heal your entire party. With how brutal Shin Megami Tensei V can be, this is a super useful skill to have in your arsenal.

Shin Megami Tensei V is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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