Solar Ash Crater Guide: Cache Location, Ouroboros, and More

Here is how to defeat the anomalies, find the cache, and beat Crater Ouroboros at Crater.

by Noah Nelson
Solar Ash Crater Guide

So, you’re just loading into Solar Ash and you need a little help with Crater. No worries! As the training grounds of Solar Ash, Crater will have you destroying your first anomalies, finding your first cache, and beating your first boss. With lots to cover, let’s jump right into how to clear Crater in Solar Ash.

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If you haven’t dived into Solar Ash yet, know that you are missing out. Solar Ash is Heart Machine and Annapurna Interactive‘s newest game. It is a 3D action-adventure platformer reminiscent of many other games but entirely and uniquely its own thing. After you have beaten Crater, if you need help with anything else Solar Ash, look to our guides for things like how to collect all the caches in each level or how to collect and use plasma.


How to Destroy Anomalies in Solar Ash

In Crater, you’ll learn the basic flow of the game. Once you’ve activated Cyd, you’ll be able to scan your environment for anomalies. These anomalies must be destroyed in order to cleanse the landscape and awaken the Remnant, which is the boss. There are three anomalies in Crater, each a different testing ground for your different abilities: boost, climbing black ooze, and grapple.

Once you’re close to an anomaly, a big needle-looking thing will appear. This is your multi-tool marking the weak points on the anomaly. Once you’ve hit the first one, you’ll need to follow a line leading you to the next until eventually, you hit the eye. This segment will be timed, but there is no repercussion for failing.


How to Find the Cache at Crater in Solar Ash

Caches in Solar Ash are messages left from previous Voidrunners. In Crater, there will only be one to discover. Each level will have multiple, and in order to find them, look for a blue flare and a Voidrunner sigil. Once all the caches have been collected in an area, you will unlock a suit.

The cache at Crater can easily be found by rotating around the base of the Starseed looking outway. The cache will be in sight on a hill nearby. To get to it, you’ll climb the hill and need to perform a boosted skate jump to cross the gap. Once you have it, you’ll unlock Rei’s Suit which is called Tempest Adagio. The bonus you’ll get from it is a reduced timeslip cooldown which is extremely useful for bosses.


How to Defeat Crater Ouroboros in Solar Ash

Once all the anomalies are defeated, the giant dragon-like Remnant will be awakened. Similar to taking out anomalies, the bosses in Solar Ash will be three increasingly difficult time-based attacks where you climb the Remnant and attack its weak points. Get close to the tail of Crater Ouroboros and you’ll be able to grapple on. This will start the time attack.

Try to avoid falling into the black ooze on the creatue as it will slow you down. Use your boost to get to the weakpoints quickly. Also, though it won’t work on normal weak point indicators, if you need extra time or are just short of a grapple point, make sure to use your timeslip ability. On the final attack, beware of touching the black ooze at all because it will result in a hit on you and you’ll fall off. Once the Remnant is defeated, you’ll unlock the next stage.

Solar Ash is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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