Solar Ash: How to Collect All Ironroot Basin Caches

Here is how to collect all the caches in Ironroot Basin.

by Noah Nelson


Solar Ash is a beautiful game with a lot of secrets to discover, like all the caches in Ironroot Basin. The caches throughout the game can be tricky to track down, but remember to look for blue flares and Voidrunner sigils. Here is your guide to finding all the Ironroot Basin caches in order to unlock the Redshift Steeplechase Suit.

Solar Ash is the newest game by Heart Machine and Annapurna Interactive and it is a great one. If you need extra help, check out our guides which cover things like how to find all the caches in each level or how to defeat a particular boss.

Dross Matriarch Cache

This cache can be found pretty easily. On top of one of the hills near the entrance, you’ll see a huge Dross Matriarch. You’ll know it’s a Dross Matriarch because Rei will say so. Climb that hill towards it and follow the ledge left of the door. Here, you’ll find a hidden cache behind the Dross Matriarch.


Entrance Cache

The next one is probably the first cache you saw when entering Ironroot Basin. Unfortunately, it was out of reach then and finding how to get up there didn’t seem possible at the time. Now, after finding the Dross Matriarch cache, continue following the ledge you are on. You’ll have rounded the Dross Matriarch hill and will be to its right. Once there, you’ll see a ledge leading back towards the entrance. Follow that ledge, make a boosted jump to clear the gap, and you’ve got yourself the next cache.


Mine Hill Cache

On the opposite side of the map to the domed building, near some elegant, arched buildings, you’ll find an opening between two plateaus. To the right of this opening is a Voidrunner sigil on the wall. As you make your way down the opening, there will be a downward hill and mines everywhere. Carefully avoid the mines and follow the slope down. You’ll reach an entrance to a narrow, enclosed room. Before rushing to the cache, be warned that high up on the opposite wall will be a sniper enemy. Climb the black ooze, take it out, and the cache is yours.


Forest Altar Cache

Inside the domed building is the Forest Altar. But, to the right of the domed building, you’ll find the next cache. There are two sets of spiky ground there, so make sure you’re skating and look for the anomaly to break it. Once you’ve cleared the spiky ground and the enemies, you’ll be free to take the cache directly behind the Forest Altar dome building.


Under the Bridge Cache

The last cache can be found at the highest hill on the opposite side of the map to the entrance. To the right of the tall structures, you’ll find a clearing with some mines littered about. You’ll want to trigger the mines (without getting hit) closest to the ledge. Once the way is clear, hop to the cache that is under the bridge and you’ll have collected all the caches in Ironroot Basin.

Congratulations, you have collected all the Ironroot Basin caches in Solar Ash. As a reward for your accomplishment, you’ll receive Verse’s Suit which is called Redshift Steeplechase. This suit is extremely useful for any and all explorers who like to go fast because the suit grants rapid cooldown for your boosters. With the Redshift Steeplechase Suit, you can boost twice as often.

Solar Ash is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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