Solar Ash: How to Defeat Forgotten Thresher Remnant in Broken Capital

Here is how to take down the Forgotten Thresher boss.

by Noah Nelson


In Solar Ash, Forgotten Thresher is one of the first major bosses you meet. As a giant hammerhead-like beast gliding through the blue clouds, Forgotten Thresher is a terrifying Remnant that takes time and precision to take down. There is no shame in seeking guidance. To come to your aid, here are tips on how to defeat the Forgotten Thresher in Solar Ash.

In case you’ve stumbled onto this guide not knowing what Solar Ash is, it is Heart Machine’s newest game which is a 3D action-adventure platformer brimming with life and destruction. While a relatively short game, Solar Ash delivers as one of the best indie experiences to date. If you need to bank a few more plasmas to up your shields before the fight, look to our guides on how to collect all the Broken Capital caches and how to collect and use plasma.

How to Defeat Forgotten Thresher in Solar Ash

Much like every other boss you will fight, Forgotten Thresher is beaten through three timed attacks. Though you may think that these boss battles could get repetitive, don’t worry. Very similar to the combat in an action game like Marvel’s Spider-Man, the boss encounters in Solar Ash make you feel powerful and leave you wanting more.


In order to start each timed attack on Forgotten Thresher, you’ll need to go to its tail. Use timeslip to grapple onto it and the fight will begin. Like the Crater boss, avoid the black ooze while ascending Forgotten Thresher as it’ll slow you down. Forgotten Thresher will do something unique: instead of traveling from the back and making your way to the front like the first boss, you will be turned upside down and sent back and forth.

When Forgotten Thresher rolls, don’t worry because you’ll stick to his body the whole time. Once you’ve reached the back of the beast with a grapple, the screen should automatically wrap around to the direction you need to head next. And don’t worry if you fall off or run out of time because you have as many tries as you need to finish the job.

Once Forgotten Thresher is on its last legs – or oozy appendages – you’ll want to take extra care to not touch the black ooze as it will deal damage and end your attack. Use your jump, double jump, and timeslip strategically to bring down the Remnant. Once you’ve succeeded, you’ll have a lovely conversation with a mysterious being named Echo who will strip you of one shield slot. And with that, you have defeated Forgotten Thresher.

Solar Ash is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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