Solar Ash: How to Find All Broken Capital Caches

Here is how to collect all the Broken Capital caches to unlock the Aegis Wellspring Suit.

by Noah Nelson
Solar Ash Broken Capital Aegis Wellspring Suit

Solar Ash‘s Broken Capital is a sprawling metropolis in the clouds where Voidrunner caches easily hide. With a lot of verticality, it can be more than a little difficult to find where all of the hidden caches are. Without further adieu, here is how to find all five Broken Capital caches in Solar Ash.

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Solar Ash is a 3D action-adventure platformer that is as beautiful as it is fun. Heart Machine‘s second game, after their successful Hyper Light Drifter, is another slam dunk. As you enjoy the stunning world of Solar Ash, be sure to check in with our Solar Ash guides for help with collecting all the caches in each level and how to defeat bosses. Collecting all five caches will grant you a suit. If you’re looking for help collecting plasma, this is definitely the suit to get.


Tree Cache

The first cache in Broken Capital appears before the actual skyscraper ruins. In the foresty section that leads to the Broken Capital proper, there is a tree to the right of the entrance with a Voidrunner sigil on it. Each cache in the game is marked by a Voidrunner sigil, so looking for those is key. Once you’ve found the tree, simply follow the clouds under this section of the map and you’ll find the cache on a patch of forest.

Statue Cache

As you work your way up the forest section of Broken Capital, you’ll unlock railway towers that act as safety nets if you fall. Once you’ve unlocked the second railway tower, you’ll see a Voidrunner sigil by the window. Hop out the window onto the statue’s hands. Climb to his head and you’ll find the cache.


Fountain Cache

As you make your way through the fountain area where Lyris is, you’ll take a rail down into the main section of Broken Capital. Before taking off, take the rail back up, but once you see a grapple point, swing yourself on it towards the black ooze on the wall. Once you’ve climbed that, you’ll find a section of the wall missing where you can look into the fountain area. On this section will be your cache.


Train Rail Cache

The next cache starts to the right of the beginning of the Broken Capital section. You’ll see a group of stinger enemies and to the left of them is a train stop and a rail leading up the building. Take the rail, but make sure to jump off onto the black ooze before hitting the trains. Once you’ve climbed the black ooze, jump back on the rail on the other side of the trains. This will lead you to a building to the right of the entrance. After killing two enemies, you’ll find the cache at the top section of this building.


Rooftop Cache

The hardest to get but easiest to see is the rooftop cache. You’ll first need to climb one of the central buildings. Once you are on the central building that is flat and has an anomaly, look over the edge to find a rail leading to another building with tons of enemies on it. Be careful dispatching all of the enemies. Once that is done, climb to the place where you’ll see a trail of grapple points. The trail will take you to the final building which is where you’ll get the last cache.

Now you’ve successfully captured all the Broken Capital caches in Solar Ash. Once all the caches have been collected, you’ll be rewarded with Erving’s Suit. It is called Aegis Wellspring and will double your plasma intake. Replacing shields will be a breeze with this suit.

Solar Ash is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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