Solar Ash: How to Use Timeslip and Grapple

Slow down time to get the perfect swing with your grapple.

by Noah Nelson


Solar Ash equips players with timeslip and grapple. But what are these tools and how do I use them effectively? In the beautiful world inside a black hole, there is a lot of application for the timeslip and the grapple. Here is how best to use them.

Solar Ash is the second game created by developers Heart Machine after the beloved Hyper Light Drifter. It is a 3D action-adventure platformer where you play as a Voidrunner named Rei who is on a mission to save her dying planet from a black hole called the Ultravoid. If you need help collecting all of the caches in any part of the world or finishing off a boss, check out our guides. We have you covered for all things Solar Ash.

How to Use the Timeslip

The timeslip and the grapple go hand in hand, but first, let’s start with the timeslip. The abilities you start out with are all the abilities you will get, so it is useful to get to know them. The timeslip is an ability granted Rei by voidtech that slows down time and allows you to assess your situation. Mainly, it is used to give you extra time to make a grapple while also extending your grapple range.

The best way to use the timeslip is when you accidentally fall off an edge, miscalculate your jump, or are running out of time with a boss. As you fall through the air, you can quickly engage your timeslip and be able to look up and get that grapple you missed. During boss battles, timing is everything. In order to feel unstoppable, use the timeslip to get those hard-to-reach grapples.


Timeslip can also be used on enemies. The best enemy to use timeslip on is the sniper, as they are usually far up on a wall, and slowing down time will give you an edge to close the gap between you two.

How to Use the Grapple

Now that you know how to use timeslip, you’ll definitely need to know how to grapple. It is pretty straightforward and once you get the hang of it, it’ll be second nature. All you have to do is be close enough, be looking at a grapple point, and then grapple. As stated above, grapple can be used on enemies, but only in timeslip. You’ll need to master the grapple in order to take down some of the tougher bosses. And just like that, you know how to use the timeslip and grapple in Solar Ash!

Solar Ash is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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