Sonic Colors Ultimate: Aquarium Park Red Star Ring Locations (Act 3+4)

Half way through the water. Make sure to catch those air bubbles!

by Elliott Gatica

This is the second part of where to find the Red Star Rings in Aquarium Park in Sonic Colors: Ultimate. Despite this world being the eye-rolled water level, it actually isn’t half bad. It’s thematically Eastern Asian with enemies following a samurai theme. The life given to it makes it bearable. However, some of those elusive rings could be a nuisance in these next Acts.

Aquarium Park Act 3 Red Star Ring locations

Ring 1

Unless you can somehow stay afloat until this part, you can start the level and travel at the bottom route. You’ll come across 3 columns of rings and Orange Rocket Wisps. Just before the third column, activate the Rocket ability and shoot straight up. It’ll go as far as to take out of the water and into the set of black spiked balls with the first Red Ring in the middle.


Ring 2

As you make your way back all the way to the bottom of the water, proceed forward until you’re at a Rocket Wisp capsule and an air bubble. Launch the Rocket directly where you got it, launching yourself above the water level. You’ll then be put into free fall mode. Follow the spiked ball formations inside until you find the 2nd ring at the end of them.


Ring 3

Once you get past the vertical water parts, you’re going to find a rail to grind. Instead, pick up the Jade Goo Wisp and phase through the ceiling above you. Make your way up to the tower and head right.


Ring 4

Just before the next checkpoint, there is a spot underwater where you can find the Orange Rocket Wisp. Pick it up and activate it around the spring. Shoot upwards, then free fall in between the long waving columns of black spikes. At the end of this should be ring number 4.


Ring 5

You need the Frenzy Wisp for this one. On the descending elevator portion of this Act, you’ll have to activate Frenzy. Eat up all the crates and enemies as you can. If you keep this ability up long enough and grow large enough, you will be able to chomp through these boxes keeping the Red Ring encased in between them.


Aquarium Park Act 4 Red Star Ring locations

Ring 1

At the start of the Act, go backwards. Go until you hit the surface, which will hold the first ring.


Ring 2

When you get to the wall where you either slide or use the bouncing bar, take the bouncing bar and go up. Pick up the Laser Wisp and travel your way through three sections of crates where you have to properly angle the trajectory of your shot.


Ring 3

After the second ring, progress further with the level until you see a red boost panel. Instead, go down and all the way to the left of that water section. A Red Ring will be there at the very end.


Ring 4

Instead of coming out of the water from the third ring, use the Drill Wisp you collected from that location and go inside the pipe. It’ll take you to a new place. Keep staying in your drill form and find another pipe just up ahead in a ditch. Taking that pipe will lead you to this room with a bunch of jellyfish. In the middle of the room will be the 4th ring.


Ring 5

This one will be in plain sight, though you will want to hold onto whatever Wisp you have on hand. You’re going to need it to break the silver glowing crates to get to this one. You’ll most likely have a Laser Wisp, so just angle it downward so you can destroy some of the boxes to get in.


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