Sonic Colors Ultimate: Aquarium Park Red Star Ring Locations (Act 5+6)

The last of the Red Rings for the water levels!

by Elliott Gatica

If you followed the guide this far in since Tropical Resort, you should be well into the last half of getting all the Red Star Rings in Sonic Colors: Ultimate. The fifth act of Aquarium Park is very straightforward in terms of where to find and collect the rings. The sixth act can prove to be a nuisance from the third ring and onward. Here are the Red Star Ring locations for the last two acts of Aquarium Park.

Aquarium Park Act 5 Red Star Ring locations

Ring 1

As you’re strolling along with the moving yellow spring, the first ring will come up atop a series of collapsing platforms just above exploding black crates. Just hit your ground slam button to hit the spring to give you more height. It should be strong enough to get you to the top.


Ring 2

Right before the first checkpoint, there will be another series of collapsing platforms and a movable crate. You can just wait until you get to the other side to easily access the second ring.


Ring 3

After the first checkpoint, this ring will appear surrounded by exploding crates. Just move Sonic near the crates to set off their proximity timing, then let them explode. It’ll clear the way to get the third Red Star Ring.


Ring 4

There’s a trend you’ll notice in this level where every ring is in plain sight. The only difficulty surrounding getting them is not getting hurt and possibly booted off the level because of the exploding crates. Make Sonic go up and ride the crates until you get this ring. The yellow bouncy platform that follows you will catch up once you get to the other side. If not, jump into the rainbow rings to save yourself after getting this one.


Ring 5

On the vertical section, this one will once again be in plain sight. Jump high enough to touch the crates that are in an L formation. Touching one will set the others off in a few moments, allowing for the ease of access to the final ring.


Aquarium Park Act 6 Red Star Ring locations

Ring 1

You will need the Yellow Drill Wisp for this. Traverse through the level like normal until you come across a water jet section that you cannot get through. Instead, you can use your Drill ability to bypass it. Go around, then go down until you find a pipe opening on the right shortly after. Take it and go through a thin maze. Be careful with the duration of your Drill form, though. You have to get across before it runs out, or else you can’t collect this ring.


Ring 2

Before the checkpoint, you can either take the springs to go to the right or use the Green Hover Wisp to take the alternate route above. Take the alternate route to find another checkpoint just across the collapsing platform. Be careful not to fall before getting to the rainbow ramp! Finally, spam your jump button to do the maximum trick to reach the Red Ring.


Ring 3

This one is a bit tricky to get. You’ll go through the standard spring path to the right and use the Hover Wisp to go completely straight. Instead of taking that long line of rings, go straight. It will take a few attempts to get right. Gain some height with the Wisp and use your boost gauge to push yourself forward. The game will turn into a 2D segment with a bunch of falling Badniks and Wasp robots. At the end of this will be the third ring.


Ring 4

This will be accessed if you took the right route from ring 2’s starting location. However, when you get to the mini onslaught of enemies at the second checkpoint, you can backtrack with a properly aligned air dash from the checkpoint to reach this one.


Ring 5

At the end of the level, keep going right until you see a few holes where the giant eels pop out. There should be one right by an opening, so snag it before one comes out!


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