Sonic Colors Ultimate: How to Unlock Super Sonic

Play as an even greater form and venture the Wisp worlds Super Sonic Style!

by Elliott Gatica

Sonic Colors: Ultimate is a game that can be beaten rather quickly with its simple bosses and fast-paced gameplay. However, there are incentives to replay the game as there are many things to unlock like the Rival Rush mode and the ability to play as Super Sonic.

If you know just enough about Sonic’s lore, you know that in order for him to transform as Super Sonic, he’ll need to harness the power of all seven of the Chaos Emeralds. This is no different in Sonic Colors: Ultimate. A Sonic the Hedgehog game is not complete if you aren’t allowed to play Super Sonic in some shape or form.

Here is how to do that.

How to play as Super Sonic in Sonic Colors: Ultimate


In order to play as Super Sonic, obviously you’ll need to acquire these seven Chaos Emeralds. They aren’t obtained through classic means like beating the final boss or playing Special Stages. Instead, and this might be a bit of a drag to some, but you’ll first need to collect all of the Red Star Rings hidden throughout all the main levels.

There are six main worlds each with five Red Star Rings per Act. There are six acts per world too, adding up to 180 Red Rings in total. This doesn’t outright unlock the Chaos Emeralds either. After every threshold of collected rings, you’ll unlock additional levels at Game Land.

What is Game Land?


Game Land is an additional area in the game where you play the ‘Eggman’s Sonic Simulator’ game. Pick your character and the speed. You’ll notice that there are seven worlds, all with 8-bit Chaos Emerald symbols above them. Each world within this game has 3 levels in them. For example, beating World 1-1 through 1-3 will net you the green Chaos Emerald.

However, at first glance, you’ll notice that not all the worlds’ levels will be unlocked if you haven’t collected all the Red Rings. From my experience grinding, I finally unlocked the final level for the first Chaos Emerald at 120 Red Star Rings. As of writing this, I have 60 more Red Rings to collect and 6 more levels to unlock in the Sonic Simulator game.

Doing the math, at 120 rings and every increment of 10 after will fully unlock the worlds to get the Chaos Emeralds. Luckily, these levels aren’t too difficult to beat. There is no time limit nor are there lives per run.


Overall, unlocking the ability to play as Super Sonic is more of a grind than it is a challenge. Fortunately, the game has many different routes and places to explore once you’ve obtained all the Wisps.

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- This article was updated on September 3rd, 2021

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