Sonic Colors Ultimate: Starlight Carnival Red Star Ring Locations (Act 1+2)

Next stop, the Starlight Carnival!

by Elliott Gatica

Starlight Carnival, the third world of Sonic Colors: Ultimate, is perhaps the best world in the game. It sports a lot of bold, flashy colors, has some of the best music, and just has a lot of variety and tricks in the levels. It also is the home of some rather elusive and hard-to-get Red Star Rings. Don’t fret, this guide and subsequent ones are here to help that experience go smoothly.

Where to find the Red Star Rings for Starlight Carnival Act 1 and 2

Act 1

Ring 1

  • You will need the Blue Cube Wisp to get this one. After the first checkpoint, you’ll come across alternating rings and blocks that change when you shift into the Cube. Break the cluster of them that leads you to a downward path. Activate it once more so the boxes around the ring are turned into blue rings.


Ring 2

  • You need the Pink Spikes Wisp to get this ring. As you make your way through the high route of the level, you’ll come across a pathway of unbreakable crates. However, before going down the freefalling section, there is an opening to go upwards at which there will be the Red Ring at the very top. Use the Spike Wisp to climb all the way up there.


Ring 3

  • Once you land from the freefalling section, you’ll be on that long runway segment where Sonic can perform quicksteps. Here, you’ll want to hug the rightmost lane and you’ll eventually run into this ring before you know it.


Ring 4

  • After the second checkpoint, you’ll run into a layout of blue rings and blocks. So, yes, you will need the Cube Wisp for this. Align the rings, blocks, and yourself in a way where you can access the ring once things revert back. Do some light platforming and this ring will be yours.


Ring 5

  • After the final checkpoint, you’ll be in an area where the ceiling goes up and down, and if Sonic gets squished, he loses a life. In the first gap between, pick up the Blue Cube Wisp. In the second and third parts, there are springs that are unlocked when using the power. The Red Ring is offscreen above the moving parts of this section. As long as you’re running on top of these, you’ll collect this ring.


Act 2

Ring 1

  • You will need the Blue Cube and Pink Spikes Wisps to get this one. First, use the Cube form to open up the bottom passageway to a pit. Once down there, activate your Cube ability again, breaking nearby boxes to get the Spike Wisp. Then, turn into the Spike form and traverse through the narrow crevices into a room full of rings. Just above it will be an exit where the first ring will be.


Ring 2

  • While still hopefully in the Spike form from getting the first ring, make your way up through the chasm to the top left. There will be two sets of proximity detonation boxes and some Badniks. The second ring will be sitting pretty between two unbreakable crates. You’ll have to get across as the Pink Wisp in order to snag this one.


Ring 3

  • You’ll once again need to have the Pink Spike Wisp in order to get here. There’s a button to activate the door but it’s behind two spike traps with a small narrow space to get between without getting hurt. Using the Spike Wisp can circumvent that. Open the door, go through and there will be the third Red Star Ring sitting on top of some unbreakable crates and behind two explosive ones. Get rid of them by getting near them and waiting until they detonate.


Ring 4

  • If you took the top path of this level, you’ll see a series of blue and explosive black crates in this section. You’ll need the Spike Wisp to even get up here.


Ring 5

  • The final ring is a tricky one. For some reason, the game considers this one to be the fifth Red Ring. This one can be acquired after getting the third ring. There are breakable silver crates that you can go through in your Spike Wisp form, revealing a new chasm that leads to your death, but the fifth ring is just inches away from it. Time your jumping correctly, or make use of the proximity crates before they blow up!


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- This article was updated on September 3rd, 2021

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