Sonic Colors Ultimate: Sweet Mountain Red Star Ring Locations (Act 3+4)

Gotta go fast and collect all the Red Rings!

by Elliott Gatica

This is the second part of Sweet Mountain’s Red Star Ring locations in Sonic Generations: Ultimate. This guide will go over acts 3 and 4. Like other levels, you may want to have significant progress in the game’s main story. You will need to have certain things unlocked to find some of the hidden rings throughout these stages.

Where to find the Red Star Rings for Sweet Mountain Act 3 and 4

Act 3

Ring 1

  • After the falling rockets section, proceed normally until you come across three floating platforms. This ring will be in plain sight and doesn’t require any Wisps to obtain it.



Ring 2

  • You’ll need the Orange Rocket Wisp for this one. Just a bit before the first ring, there are two walls with a series of springs on them. Activate your Rocket power in between these walls and if shot correctly, you’ll go way up into the sky right into the second Red Ring. It’s in the center of a group of rings in a star formation.


Ring 3

  • This one takes patience and the Spike Wisp to get. After the first checkpoint, you’ll notice some breakable Wisp crates. Break those with the Spike Wisp and scale the level upward until you get to this small moving platform. You have to stay on that platform at all costs. While it travels, it’ll pass by some Spike Wisp capsules to refresh the duration of your ability. It’ll make a final stop at a loop where the third ring will be.


Ring 4

  • While still in your Spike form, make your way atop the platform where you’ll find a red spring. Wait until your ability expires when you reach the top, then take the spring. Perform homing attacks on the enemies to make your way across, while avoiding the giant rocket falling down. Finally, take the platform and duck until you’re fully across. The 4th Red Ring will be right there.


Ring 5

  • This one cannot be acquired in the same run as the others. Instead of taking that top path, take the bottom. When you hit the 3D running section, hug the right side of the screen where you’ll unveil a secret hidden spring behind some barrels. Sonic will then be launched into a rail that he can grind. There will be a second rail that you have to quickly jump to the left of, leading you to a bunch of barrels in a hidden location. Break the barrels until you unveil the final ring.


Act 4

Ring 1

  • Early on in this level, you’ll have to acquire the Laser Wisp which can be found by activating the button covered by the popcorn. Hold onto it until you reach a wall and angled rings. Shoot the laser at a diagonal trajectory that bounces off the wall into the line of rings. If done correctly, you should laser backwards and onto an even higher platform. Then, instead of proceeding right, go up the platforms just before that decline. Press the button at the top and it will unlock a line of rings and the Green Hover Wisp. Follow that line of rings to pick up the Jade Goo Wisp at the end of that section. Finally, use the Goo ability to phase into the section with two buttons. The top right button will reveal the first red ring.


Ring 2

  • You’ll need to have the Laser Wisp to get this ring. Right before the drop into the big loop, use the Laser ability instead of taking the booster down. Aim it correctly so that you’ll bounce and hit the light prism. It’ll beam you straight through a bunch of different objects and straight into the second ring.


Ring 3

  • In the button platform section, keep holding the button until the platform rises to the highest point possible. Just above you should be the third Red Star Ring.


Ring 4

  • You will need the Purple Frenzy Wisp to get this ring. When you get to the section of the level with the silver crates, activate your Frenzy Wisp, eating up the enemies and boxes as you traverse. You’ll grow big enough to destroy crates hanging from the ceiling, which also happen to be housing the 4th Red Ring.


Ring 5

  • On the final section of the level with the three buttons and rising platform, go high up enough on this until you notice a cubby hole to the left. You’ll know you’ve reached it when you see a red ring hiding conspicuously underneath a bunch of popcorn.


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- This article was updated on September 3rd, 2021

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