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Spider-Man: Miles Morales – Camouflage Skills Guide

They'll never see you coming

by Joshua Garibay


Spider-Man: Miles Morales includes three skill trees that can be invested in steadily over the course of the campaign. Although you will eventually be able to unlock all available skills, the journey through each provides a tangible sense of progression as Miles becomes more of a force to be reckoned with.

For this guide, we will be focusing on the Camouflage Skills tree. The Camouflage ability is one of the skills Miles possesses that makes him a very unique Spider-Man. Going invisible definitely has its uses, especially during the stealth segments scattered throughout the main campaign and side activities. Investing in this tree will allow Miles to get the drop on his enemies while also augmenting the veiled strikes.

All Camouflage Skills

Camouflage Abilities Prerequisite Cost Description
Concealed Presence Level 7 1 Skill Point Camouflage Energy refills 20% faster
Measured Response Level 7 1 Skill Point Attacking while Camouflaged costs less Camouflage Energy.
Unseen Strike Level 8 1 Skill Point When defeating an enemy with Venom attacks, the final blow doesn’t cost Camouflage Energy.
Never See It Coming Level 11 1 Skill Point Venom Punch does bonus damage when used while Camouflaged.
Patient Spider Level 12 1 Skill Point Increases the maximum amount of Camouflage Energy, allowing you to remain invisible longer.
Web Cocoon Bomb Level 13 1 Skill Point Hold L1+R1 to yank down stealth cocooned enemies, causing them to impact the ground and web up nearby enemies.
Blinding Light Level 14 1 Skill Point Press L3+R3 while Camouflaged to trigger a blinding flash of light that reveals you and stuns surrounding enemies.
Unseen Force New Game+ N/A While Camouflaged, the Combo counter no longer resets, and a bonus Combo point is generated per attack.

- This article was updated on:November 11th, 2020

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