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Spider-Man: Miles Morales – How to Get Tech Parts

Divert some time to hunting down Tech Parts

by Joshua Garibay


Tech Parts are one of two currencies in Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Tech Parts are handed out less frequently than their counterpart, Activity Tokens, but they are no less important.

Unlocking suits, mods, gadgets, and upgrades tied to those three categories cost in-game currency. The higher tier items and upgrades start to demand more Tech Parts, making gathering a necessity. The earlier you begin collecting Tech Parts, the easier late-game unlocks will become.

Here’s how to load up on Tech Parts quickly.

How to Get Tech Parts

Tech Parts are embedded in various activities littering the New York City map. So that means exploration is the name of the game. Littering the map are several side activities that can be completed for a currency reward. Underground Caches, Underground Hideouts, and Roxxon Labs are your go-to source for Tech Parts.

It is worth noting that not all activity types are present at the beginning of the game. Story progression is directly associated with certain activities. You will want to find a balance between moving through the campaign and clearing the map of its numerous icons. Fortunately, Spider-Man: Miles Morales often offers up breathers between story missions to allow for side questing.

Keep up on collecting Tech Parts whenever possible, which will likely occur often as you swing over an Underground Cache location, to maintain a healthy stockpile for those wonderful cosmetics and upgrades. In no time, you will have Miles Morales decked out in the finest suits with the most powerful mods.

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