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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – How To Get XP Back After Dying

Think Dark Souls.

by Dean James


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order takes a lot of inspirations from other game series, with Dark Souls being one of those very games. This can be seen in a few different areas, but one of the biggest is the XP system and what happens with it when you die in the game, and this guide will explain how that system works.

How To Get XP Back After Dying

While you probably won’t be dying anywhere near as often as you would in Dark Souls, unless you’re playing on the highest difficulty, there’s still a very high probability you will end up dying at least a few times along the way. Whenever you do die, any XP you earned since the last Meditation Spot will be lost, but it is not gone for good.

Just like Dark Souls, you have the ability to track down the character that killed you and get revenge on it. When you get back to the area where you died, the enemy that killed you will be glowing gold like seen in the above image.

If you find the enemy that killed you before and attack it, you will get not only your XP back, but also a replenishment of your Health and Force meters. You do not even have to kill this enemy, but just hit it to get your stuff back. If by chance that doesn’t work, keep hitting it and eventually it will give it to you. This allows you to get your XP back and run if the enemy is out of your league, so don’t be afraid to use this tactic in certain situations.

If by chance you ended up dying as a result of falling off a cliff and that reducing your health to zero about respawning, there will be a gold beam of light at the spot you died that you can make your way back to and interact with to recover your XP as well.

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