Starfield Distilling Confidence: How to Access Secure Storage

This guide will cover how to access the secure storage for Distilling Confidence in Starfield

by Christian Bognar
Access Secure Storage Starfield
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Bethesda’s latest RPG is massive, with side content that can keep players busy for hours. Distilling Confidence is a side quest that players can easily access in the game, as it begins in its first major city, New Atlantis. The objective is straightforward: you need to access the secure storage. But how? This guide will explain ways to access the secure storage for the Distilling Confidence quest in Starfield.

Accessing the Secure Storage for Distilling Confidence in Starfield

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

After speaking to Nyssa in Starfield and offering to help her gather the ingredients for a special drink, your waypoint will change to the secure storage location. Make your way to the secure storage (right behind your ship in New Atlantis), and you’ll notice a character standing before the door. His name is Emin, and he won’t allow you to access the secure storage.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

There are a few ways you can get past Emin. The first and most logical way is to engage him in conversation and select the persuade dialogue option if you have the skill unlocked. Emin isn’t the toughest to convince, even with a low rank in the Persuasion skill. While it may be different for you, below are the options I chose that led to my success in persuading Emin.

  • +1 – “I know you’d like to help me if you could.”
  • +3 – “You can’t just have anyone going through. I get it. Must be hard for you to say no all the time.”

If you fail while trying to persuade Emin, other options remain. You can try hacking the computer on the wall to the right-hand side if you have a digipick, although you need to ensure no one is watching. Emin walks away at some point, giving you enough time to pick the lock, run in, and get the ingredients.

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If that doesn’t work for you, the last resort is to play through other missions until you receive the key card naturally. If you choose to gain access this way, the missions you would need to complete for the access card occur in the following order:

  1. A Tree Grows in New Atlantis
  2. Tapping the Grid
  3. Alternating Currents
  4. Keeping the Peace

These missions become available to players as they explore Jemison. The last mission mentioned, Keeping the Peace, is when you can assist Seargent Yumi with security-related tasks. Completing a handful of tasks will have Yumi rewarding you with the access card to the secure storage.

- This article was updated on September 5th, 2023

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