Starfield Job Gone Wrong Quest Guide: Negotiate or Attack the Robbers?

In the Job Gone Wrong quest, you can negotiate with your words, or run in guns blazing.

by J.R. Waugh
Starfield Negotiate with or Attack Robbers Job Gone Wrong Akila City Galbank
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Starfield has many moments in the story as well as side quests where you’re given choices that carry varying degrees of weight. Some are immediately consequential, while others might just add flavor to your playthrough, a sort of roleplaying scenario where your character is equipped to handle situations their own way. One such situation is the “Job Gone Wrong” quest in Starfield, where you’re given a clear choice: negotiate with or attack the robbers at the Akila City Galbank.

Should You Negotiate With or Attack the Robbers in the Starfield Job Gone Wrong Quest?

Neither choice bears lasting consequences between choosing to attack or negotiate with the robbers in Starfield’s “Job Gone Wrong” quest, but attacking can get you more loot. Negotiating is often the quicker, cleaner method, but will be hard unless you have additional ranks in your Persuasion skill. Attacking is especially easy as, after trying to speak with the robbers on the intercom, you can speak to Marshal Blake to get a key in the backdoor and launch a sneak attack.

How to Negotiate With the Robbers at the Akila City Galbank

Negotiating is possible once Marshal Blake gives permission and lets the robbers know. You simply go to the intercom, enter a conversation with the leader of the robbers, select the [Persuade] path, and try to talk the robbers down before your attempts run out. You’ll get roughly the same base rewards for doing this, without risk of additional injury.

How to Attack and Defeat the Robbers in “Job Gone Wrong” Starfield Mission

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Attacking is easy, as there’s barely a handful of robbers holed up in the bank. Just go around the right side of the building, up two small sets of stairs to a door on the left with an “employees only” sign next to it, enter, and gun them down. The additional loot you get from this path largely depends on what the enemies drop, but it’s significantly more rewarding and has no real negative consequences. You should be able to join the Freestar Rangers after this either way.

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