Starfield Mission List: All Main Constellation Quests in Starfield

Full list of all main constellation quests in Starfield.

by Christian Bognar
Starfield PlayStation
Image: Bethesda Game Studios

Starfield is a massive game; there is no doubt about it. While you can explore space and planets at your leisure, you will want to complete the game’s main story. Bethesda has created one of its most exciting stories yet, and it’s all told through 19 main story missions. Here are all the main constellation quests in Starfield.

Every Main Story Quest in Starfield

Below, you will find all constellation quests in Starfield. Each mission is lengthy, so even though 19 missions doesn’t seem like a lot, some can take up to a few hours.

  1. One Small Step
  2. The Old Neighborhood
  3. Back to Vectera
  4. The Empty Nest
  5. Job Gone Wrong
  6. Into the Unknown
  7. Power From Beyond
  8. All That Money Can Buy
  9. Further Into the Unknown
  10. Short Sighted
  11. No Sudden Moves
  12. High Price to Pay
  13. Unity
  14. In Their Footsteps
  15. Unearthed
  16. Final Glimpses
  17. Entangled
  18. Revelation
  19. One Giant Leap

There you have it: all the main story missions in Starfield. The good news is that considering the game’s scope, there is still plenty to do once the credits roll. For example, you can start over in New Game Plus, complete all the available side quests, perfect your outpost, and much more.

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How Long Does Starfield Take to Beat?

If players focus on the main story without doing much of the side quests and activities, they should be able to finish the game in about 20 to 25 hours (depending on playstyle). Outside of the main quests, players can spend hundreds and hundreds of hours completing everything the game has to offer. There are many side quests to be discovered through joining factions, interacting with civilians in towns, and even while flying in space! If you’re a completionist, you better be prepared to spend much time in Bethesda’s new world.

At the time of writing, it is still being determined how many side quests are available to players. With a game as large as Starfield, it may be a while before we get an actual number of how many there really are.

- This article was updated on September 2nd, 2023

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