Starfield Red Tape Reclamation: Kill Hank or Turn Him In?

There's a good case for keeping him alive, I'll tell you 'hwhat.

by J.R. Waugh
Starfield Red Tape Reclamation Kill Hank or Turn Him In
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Somebody’s made off with the miner’s equipment from Cydonia in Starfield! In the latest mission of the Red Tape questline, you find yourself having to clean up another mess in what’s turning out to be only a slightly better gig than your time at Ryujin Industries. The quest smacks of a certain “another settlement needs your help” quality, but it’s a fun scenario that’s quick to resolve. Once you meet Hank and he brings you outside to his ship, he stages a holdup, making this moment a crucial choice. Should you kill Hank, or turn him in the Red Tape Reclamation mission in Starfield?

Starfield: Should You Kill Hank or Use Persuasion to Turn Him in?

You should try not to kill Hank, and instead turn him in in Starfield. Use persuasion if you have the skill, it’s the mildly better option, although it’s unpopular with some companions as it involves lying about a pirate attack to cover up his actions. The only reason this option is slightly better is because he’s hilariously weak, a level 1 combatant whose only loot was less than 1000 credits, some ammo, and eggs.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

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Ultimately, either option gets you the same, more important rewards. You get the Deimos Spacesuit set complete with a Skip Pack and Helmet, as well as some credits and experience for completing Red Tape Reclamation. The only downside to turning Hank in is that his Persuasion check is mildly tougher than usual, due to him being really convinced that attacking you is his only option at the moment. However, it’s a more rewarding challenge in general.

What Do You Do to Turn in Hank in Red Tape Reclamation?

After talking him down, go back into Cydonia down to the mining level. Speak to Trevor and tell him whichever story you wind up choosing for Hank. You’ll get your rewards, and be able to go about your day. Maybe you can work on grinding those 2000 Nickel resources for Drydock Blues: Deimos Staryard? We might just have some tricks you can use to make that easier, too!

- This article was updated on September 26th, 2023

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