Starfield Weapon Tier List: Best Guns in Starfield Ranked

by Malik Hamza Rashid
Image: Bethesda 

Starfield offers players 45 different kinds of weapons to choose from. Choosing which weapon to arm yourself with before the battle is certainly not an easy decision, but don’t fret. Here are the best guns in Starfield ranked. 

What are the Best Guns in Starfield Ranked?

There are four weapon tiers in Starfield. Base, Calibrated, Refined, and Advanced. You start from Base and work your way up to Advanced. If you don’t know which weapon to equip yourself with, choose one from this list and you’ll be good to go. 

Best C-Tier Starfield Weapons

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

C-tier weapons are reserved for beginners and low-level players. They deal a respectable level of damage. However, when you put them up with higher-tier weapons, C Tier weapons fall short in terms of firepower, ammo, range, and accuracy. 

Still, these weapons can help during your adventures to get better weapons. Consider equipping yourself with the following C Tier weapons:

  • Arc Welder
  • Head Ranger
  • Orion  

Best B-Tier Starfield Weapons

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

B-Tier weapons are a whole lot better than Tier C Weapons. Most weapons in this tier have a high fire rate. However, it comes at the cost of low damage. Take Pirate Legend for one. The gun boasts an impressive accuracy and fire rate but does not stand out when it comes to damage. 

Meanwhile, The Prime deals high damage. However, it has a small magazine capacity and low fire rate. So you’ll have to choose guns from this category based on what’s important to you. You can’t go wrong with the following B-Tier weapons:

  • Justifier 
  • Eon
  • The Prime
  • Big Bang

Best A-Tier Starfield Weapons

Image: Bethesda

Although A-Tier may not be the best weapons in the game, they can still knock out enemies in a matter of seconds. Guns like Feather and Fury boast an incredibly fast fire rate. You get a decent mag size as well with weapons in this class along with heavy damage and low recoil. 

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Weapons like Eternity’s Gate deal two different kinds of damage. You can take out the following A-Tier weapons for a spin:

  • Eternity’s Gate
  • Hunterwulf
  • Keelhauler

Best S-Tier Starfield Weapons

Image: Bethesda

You can never go wrong with S-Tier weapons. This category of weapons guarantees maximum kills in the battleground. On top of heavy damage and a high fire rate, these guns offer some sweet perks as well. 

Take the Magpulse for one. It offers target tracking and melts enemies in a matter of seconds. The Magpulse fires shots in a shotgun-style scattershot. While Unmitigated Violence offers crowd-control effects against targets. You can pick the following S-Tier weapons for your missions:

  • Magpulse 
  • Brute Force
  • Marksman’s AA-99
  • Unmitigated Violence

Remember no gun can make up for poor aim so make sure to get your practice in. 

- This article was updated on November 20th, 2023