Starfield Weapon Types Explained: Ballistic, EM, Laser, and More

And weapon types, and weapon types, and weapon types...

by Alejandro Josan
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While Starfield may be the dream of space enthusiasts, there are many dangerous places and people that you might encounter during your adventures. You will have to defend yourself and to do so, a weapon is a must. However, with Starfield’s futuristic setting, it is safe to say that anyone could feel overwhelmed by the amount of items in the game, especially weapons. Here are all the weapon types you can find in Starfield, explained.

Starfield Weapon Types Explained

When we talk about weapon types in Starfield, not only we refer to pistols or rifles, but also to the energy that powers each one of them. There are many weapon types you can choose from, so the most important thing is to pick the ones that adapt better to your playstyle and specific build. Here are the different weapon types you can encounter in Starfield:

  • Rifle: Out of all the weapons in Starfield, rifles are the most well-rounded weapons. Good damage output, but not very precise. They can be used in almost all situations.
  • Pistol: The ideal secondary weapon, a pistol does not bring huge amounts of damage, but may save you in close-quarter situations with their accuracy when your primary weapon runs out of ammo.
  • Shotgun: What can you say about shotguns? If you are exploring abandoned sites and buildings, carrying a powerful shotgun will send your enemies flying. Firing across the map? Then pick another weapon.
  • Heavy: Huge guns, huge damage output, less than desirable accuracy, and a lot of weight. If you are cornered by a crowd of enemies, then this might be your chance for survival.
  • Melee: Don’t run with a knife toward enemies with a gun. Use your stealth abilities and take down your enemies without them even noticing what they hit them.

Finally, besides the weapons themselves, the type of damage they deal can categorize them into four big groups of weapons. Check them out so you can focus your attention on a specific type. Each of these will be accompanied by some examples, so take notes!

Ballistic Weapons

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There are many ways to deal with enemies in this futuristic game, but nothing compares to a fast-traveling projectile shooting its way through the barrel of a gun. Ballistic weapons may lack the range and accuracy of other more advanced technological weaponry, but they do pack a punch and are perfect for close-quartered encounters.

  • Coachman
  • Magshear
  • Razorback
  • Tombstone

Laser Weapons

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Laser weapons in Starfield can use energy or electromagnetic energy to deal damage. While ballistic or particle beam weapons can provide a better damage output, laser weapons are far more accurate and possess a better range. Futuristic and reliable, what else can you expect?

  • Equinox
  • Solstice
  • Orion
  • Unmitigated Violence

EM Weapons

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EM or electromagnetic weapons are the non-lethal type of weapons in the game. These are used during certain mission scenarios in which you will have to avoid being detected or dealing lethal force. Instead of doing damage, shooting targets with these weapons will fill up a takedown gauge that, once full, will knock down said targets. They will remain as long as you don’t shoot them with any other weapon types.

  • Brawler’s Equinox
  • Novablast Disruptor

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Particle Beam Weapons

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Particle beam weapons are hybrids and unique weapons that deal both physical and energy damage. These make them extremely versatile and are prepared for any type of encounter and any type of enemy that may dare face you. Visit Neon City and you will get to purchase every single one of these weapons.

  • Eternity’s Gate
  • Novalight
  • Reflection
  • Terror Inflictor

Be sure to pick out the best weapon along with its damage type so you can deal with enemies and battle settings in the best way possible. You will have a lot to discover, so keep exploring every inch of deep space for the ultimate weapon.

- This article was updated on September 12th, 2023

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