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Stranger Things 3 The Game How to Get Bolt Cutters

Joyce has the Bolt Cutters

by William Schwartz


The Bolt Cutters allow you to access some locked doors in Stranger Things 3 The Game.  Unfortunately, you’ll need to progress a little ways into the game to acquire the correct party member that carries the Bolt Cutters.

The person that you need to add to your party who has the bolt cutters is Joyce.  She can be accessed around the third chapter of the game, but you’ll need to complete some missions before adding Joyce to the party.  Once you have the mission to head to Melvald’s to speak with Joyce she will join your party and you can use her to cut through doors with locks on them.

Melvald’s is located in Hawkins Square and this will be one of the main quests in the game.

How to use the Bolt Cutters

Once Joyce is in your party you can access any of the doors that previously said you needed Bolt Cutters to enter.  With Joyce in your party any time you try to access one of these doors you will automatically switch to her and to open the door you will need to play a short mini-game.  Just follow the prompts to unlock the doors with the bolt cutters by timing your button press while it is in the blue portion of the meter and you’ll open the doors that need bolt cutters to open.

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