Top 10 Strongest Pals in Palworld

Here are our picks for the strongest Pals in Palworld!

by Christian Bognar
Image of character riding Jetragon Pal in Palworld. Strongest Pals in Palworld.

Palworld has an incredibly high amount of Pals to catch, making it overwhelming to know which is best to use in combat. This guide gives you an idea as we go over the top 10 strongest Pals in Palworld.

Which Pals Are Strongest in Palworld?

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Below you will find our picks of the ten strongest Pals in Palworld, in no particular order. These Pals were picked due to their abilities, their partner skills that can change the tide of combat, and more.


Image: Pocket Pair / Edited: Attack of the Fanboy

If you’re looking for a strong Ice Element Pal, Cryolinx should be on your list. It is one of the strongest Pals with this element type and has a partner skill, “Dragon Hunter,” that can help gather materials and items from Dragon Pals.

As you further level up Cryolinx, you will start to understand the sheer force this Pal wields. Icicle Cutter and Cryst Breath are good examples of damage potential. For instance, Icicle Cutter creates a blade that Cryolinx will lunge forward with for a deadly blow, while Cryst Breath surrounds enemies in a fatal ice cloud. Cryst Breath is its best ability since it deals continuous damage.


Image: Pocket Pair / Edited: Attack of the Fanboy

Grizzbolt is, without a doubt, the best Electric-type Pal in Palworld. Being pure Electric, all of its abilities revolve around that element type, but that is okay, considering each one is stronger than the next. Shockwave is my personal favorite, as it can shock all enemies surrounding you, saving you from being overwhelmed when bombarded with enemies.

Grizzbolt’s partner skill is a solid one called “Yellow Tank.” Yellow Tank will turn Grizzbolt into a mount, allowing the player to fire a mini-gun rapidly while on top. This can turn Grizzbolt into a tank-like mount, making it one of the best in the game.


Image: Pocket Pair / Edited: Attack of the Fanboy

Suzaku is a Fire-type Pal that is great in combat and one of the faster flying mounts available in the game. While mounted atop Suzaku, your fire attacks will be enhanced, allowing you to burn everyone below from a safe distance. Outside of its base skill, you will unlock a handful of solid fire abilities as you level up Suzaku.

For example, Ignis Blast is unlocked early at level 7 and hurls a deadly ball of fire straight toward an enemy, while Ignis Breath is unlocked at level 30, which deals continuous fire damage through Suzaku’s breath. Additionally, Suzaku has a surprisingly solid defense, allowing it to tough out battles for extended periods of time. In other words, Suzaku is one of the best choices if you’re looking for a Fire Pal who can do it all.


Image: Pocket Pair / Edited: Attack of the Fanboy

Anubis is hands down one of the best Ground-type Pals in Palworld. Outside of looking really cool, Anubis has abilities that make him a force to reckon with. For crowd control, use Spinning Roundhouse for Anubis to kick away any enemy that dares to come close to you. Or you can use Sand Tornado, sending two high-damage tornadoes toward enemies, blowing them away.

Anubis also has an excellent partner skill. “Guardian of the Desert” will apply Ground damage to the player’s attacks, increasing overall damage. The partner skill also sometimes executes a side dodge while in battle, avoiding oncoming damage.


Image: Pocket Pair / Edited: Attack of the Fanboy

Paladius is one of the strongest Pals in the game due to its high defensive capabilities. This Pal is built like a brick wall, making it almost impossible for enemies to take it down. While Paladius is a Neutral-type Pal, you can unlock Ice skills as you level it up. For starters, at level 30, Paladius will unlock Blizzard Spike, creating a giant lump of ice you can hurl at enemies. This affects everyone in proximity, dealing AOE damage. Outside of its Ice attacks, his Neutral-type abilities are great, too.

Paladius’ partner skill should not be overlooked either, as it turns the Pal into a rideable mount. While mounted, Paladius can triple jump, making traversal much more manageable.


Image: Pocket Pair / Edited: Attack of the Fanboy

Jormuntide is the base version of this Pal, with the other one farther down in this list. Jormuntide is a Water and Dragon-type pal that will be your best friend when traversing the bodies of water in the game. This is true through its Partner Skill, Stormbringer Sea Dragon, which allows you to ride it across the water. It also wholly removes Stamina depletion, enabling you to travel far and wide while on bodies of water.

Outside of its fantastic partner skill, you will also notice that Jormuntide is an offensive beast that deals superb damage through its abilities. Some standout skills are Aqua Burst and Hydro Laser. Aqua Burst creates a giant ball of water that is hurled at enemies, while Hydro Laser shoots water at extreme speeds in a sweeping motion that can wipe out a line of enemies.


Image: Pocket Pair / Edited: Attack of the Fanboy

Due to fire being arguably the best element in Palworld, there’s no doubt we would have a few fire Pals on this list. Blazamut, one of the best fire pals in the game, has incredible fire abilities while also dealing significant physical damage. This can be seen in its Fire Ball and Rock Lance abilities, unlocked at levels 40 and 50, respectively. The former creates a fireball that sets the ground ablaze, while Rock Lance generates a spear underneath a pack of enemies.

Blazamut’s partner skill is also a huge bonus, which turns it into a rideable mount. While riding Blazamut, all your fire attacks will increase, allowing you to do more base damage and overall fire damage.

Jormuntide Ignis

Image: Pocket Pair / Edited: Attack of the Fanboy

Jormuntide Ignis, the better Jormuntide out of the two, is a fire-breathing dragon and one of the best Pals in Palworld. This is especially true if you favor fire attacks. For example, Jormuntide Ignis’s partner skill allows you to ride it as a mount while enhancing all fire attacks while on board.

Additionally, leveling up this beast to level 40 will unlock the Fire Ball ability, which creates a giant ball of flame that explodes on impact. This skill alone can take out a whole group of enemies. As previously mentioned in this guide, the water version of Jormuntide is great. That said, the Ignis version is better since it can cause fire damage.


Image: Pocket Pair / Edited: Attack of the Fanboy

Dark-type enemies are considerably strong in Palworld; out of all of them, Shadowbeak is the best. Its base offensive stats deal devastating attack power and only become more deadly as you level it up further. While Shadowbeak can only unlock Dark abilities, they are all heavy hitters; for example, the Dark Laser ability is unlocked at level 50. Dark Laser charges dark energy and then lets loose a powerful beam toward enemies.

Shadowbeak has an excellent partner skill called “Modified DNA.” Modified DNA will turn Shadowbeak into a mount, allowing you to ride it across the game’s large map. It also increases all Dark attacks when mounted, strengthening your character.


Image: Pocket Pair / Edited: Attack of the Fanboy

Jetragon is the strongest Pal in the game, dealing arguably the most significant damage out of all other options that can defeat even the most formidable enemies. Due to it being a Dragon-type, you will have no trouble against any Dark-type enemies, which are prominent in the late game. Fully upgrading Jetragon will unlock the Dragon Meteor ability, which shoots down a wave of meteorites upon your enemy. This and other abilities this Pal has makes Jetragon great at AOE.

Jetragon’s partner skill, Aerial Missile, is a massive bonus as it allows you to ride it as a mount while also using it as a missile launcher. This partner skill is hands down the best one in the game, where you have a way of quick travel but also a way to kill every enemy in your path.

- This article was updated on January 30th, 2024

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