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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: How to Sell Items in Spirits Mode

Here's how to sell some unwanted items and earn extra SP.

by Dylan Siegler


As you play through Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s new Spirits mode, you’ll probably notice that you can receive various items for winning battles. You might also notice that one of the game’s challenges requires you to sell some items, but you might be stumped as to how you can do this. Regardless, here is how you can sell items in Spirits mode and earn a few extra Spirit Points.

First, you’ll have to select Spirits from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s main menu, then select Collection instead of Adventure or Spirit Board. From the Collection menu, go down to Inventory and select it. Now go to Items to view the list of Support Items and Cores that you’ve collected. You can switch between viewing Support Items and Cores by pressing L or R. View your Support Items and scroll through them, reading about their effects to see if there are any you don’t think you need. Once you’ve found one you don’t want, select it by pressing X. The game will inform you that you can sell the item by pressing X or sell multiples of that item quickly by holding down X. Press X again to dismiss this message, then press X (or hold it down if you want to sell many quickly) to sell the item.

How many SP you get for selling an item depends on the item you’re selling, but it probably won’t be a whole lot regardless. However, if you have a lot of items you don’t want, or you’re just trying to accomplish the challenge requiring you to sell items, then it might be worth your time.

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