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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate How to Unlock Captain Falcon in World of Light

Captain Falcon is located at the race track, where else?

by William Schwartz


Unlocking Captain Falcon in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate so that you can use him in World of Light is completely different from unlocking him in Versus or Classic Mode.  You’re going to need to follow some simple steps if you want to add Captain Falcon to your roster of fighters in Adventure Mode.  This guide will explain which path to take to get Captain Falcon the quickest and where he is located.

Captain Falcon will be an early unlock if you select the Villager Path in World of Light.  Captain Falcon’s location in World of Light makes enough sense, he’s located on the race track.  Getting there from the Villager unlock is simple enough.  The Racetrack is actually the first thing you’ll come across after awakening Villager.  You will need someone that can drive a car though to get to Captain Falcon.

Our unlock path was snagging Link first, then Lucario, and then Captain Falcon though others may do it differently once they’ve chosen Villager.  You will need to beat the Spirit ahead of Lucario to actually get someone that can drive the car on the racetrack to get to Captain Falcon, so you may want to grab Lucario before you head down to the track.

Captain Falcon Location World of Light


Regardless, Captain Falcon can be found at his icon in the image above.  He’s smack dab in the middle of the race track and he’s surrounded by spirits.  You’re going to need to win a few battles to get to him, and then to unlock him and add him to your party you are going to need to beat him one versus one.

If you win against Captain Falcon you’ll get them as a playable character, but the win will also net you quite a few Skill Spheres, Snacks, and Cash to spend.  Captain Falcon isn’t a very hard fight, and can be unlocked pretty easily and early if you choose the Villager’s path at the beginning of World of Light Adventure Mode.

After you unlock Captain Falcon you can then use him from there on out in World of Light mode.  Heading into your party menu you will see that  Captain Falcon can now be selected.  However, if you choose either Sheik or Marth route it will take a little bit longer to progress to the point where you can reach Captain Falcon.

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